Family visits…

I do not want to sound uncharitable, but I really cannot be bothered with the forthcoming visit by the in-laws. I know, I sound positively dreadful saying this, but I feel the need to say it. M’s father and brother are coming over this week from Ireland for the weekend. Now, I hear you all saying, well, what is wrong with that. The simple answer is this, I cannot be bothered with it all. Yes, I am a miserable sod, but I love my own space, and quite frankly prefer the quiet life. This, of course, is not against M’s family, I feel the same way about my family. A visit of a few hours to me is like a handshake, but a weekend is like a hug, which I do not do (yes, you guessed it, I am not demonstrative at all).

We have built our home around us, and the things that we like and enjoy, along with our dogs. We have three bedrooms, so have room for guests, and the guest rooms are always ready for said visitors, but I like, no, I love the vacancy of the rooms. I know, I can hear the rolling of your eyes, but I cannot change the way I am. Whenever we have had guests stay over, 90% of the time I have wanted to rip my arm off and hit them with it shouting at them “it is time to go, come on, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out”. That feeling is usually as soon as I get up which is always early. Our nieces stayed for a week a few years ago, and I felt I had been sent to hell, and was shacking up with the devil himself. The room they occupied was quite literally and figuratively destroyed, makeup on the bedding, their hair straighteners left on, sitting on the bed, trying to burn its way through and finally set fire to the house. Luckily, I had the intelligence to check every day. This along with the floor containing everything they brought with them (no carpet or rugs could be seen), and a mountain of rubbish and other detritus scattered there and in our lounge made me vow never to have anyone else stay over ever again, a vow to this day I have never broken.

Another visitor/guest was my little brother.  A good few years back he came for Christmas.  Well, he invited himself to be accurate, but I thought I would go along with it.  Christmas Eve, he turned up drunk, hours after he was supposed to have arrived, he stayed until Boxing day morning as he was going to my Mum’s as she always has a gathering of the family, an occasion I avoid like the plague. I dropped him off and drove back home like a lunatic so that I could start my Christmas, but in all honesty, it was a Christmas that never was.

When we were given the dates of them coming, we set to work on correcting little things about the house, like touching up a few scuff marks on paintwork, putting away our current projects and making sure the guest rooms are clean and freshened up. Laundering of the guest towels to ensure maximum freshness etc. It has not been much of an effort, but it was things that needed to be done.

Next on the list is planning all the meals I have to cook whilst they are here, that was not too much of a bind, and I hope that they like what they are given, at least I am a great cook. Then it’s the entertainment, what to do, where to go, will they want to go out sight seeing or just potter about the village, should I dig out my chauffeur’s cap?

I am utterly exhausted and they have not arrived yet, at this rate I will be ready for my grave by the time they leave.


I was out photographing Liverpool, one of my favourite cities for many reasons, but the wealth of architecture is astounding. I know Liverpool very well and always go off the so called beaten track to find things that others do not see.


I was pulled in by what could be lurking through the decayed doors, this is what I saw when I tentatively peered in.

I wanted to go in and see what lay behind the black hole, but M stopped me, which I guess is a good thing, if he had not been there, I would have ventured in, and God only knows what I would have come across, and would I have come out again? I am not talking of malevolent forces at work, although Liverpool has a deep and dark rooted history. Is the building safe to be in? If sliding down through the hole I wondered if there would be a floor within reach or a huge drop into the bowels of an expansive hellish underworld. Being by the docks, would it be flooded, or are people living in there. Anything was possible, and the urge to see more was pulling me in. I eventually walked away but kept peering back over my shoulder at the possibilities that lay within that dark and dank world.

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30 Days of Music

After reading a post on Donna’s site New Life During Midlife I thought I would join in with her month of music fun.

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August music 🎶 Challenge 

30 days of music 🎶 posts


1. Favorite song right now

2. No. 1 song when you were born

3. A song played when you are happy

4. A song played when you are sad

5. A song played when you are angry 

6. A favourite classical song

7. A song that makes you want to fall in love

8. A song from the 70’s

9. A song from the 80’s

10. A song from the 90’s

11. A song from the 00s

12. Favorite song from a cowboy movie

13. Favorite song from a western

14. Favorite song from a TV show

15. Favorite song with a person’s name

16. Song about drugs and alcohol

17. A song with meaning to you

18. Song from artist no longer living

19. A song you would play at your wedding

20. A song you would play at your funeral

21. Song with a colour in title

22. Song with a number in title

23. A summertime song

24. Favorite Rock n Roll artist

25. Favorite Old Country artist

26. Favorite New Country artist

27. A song that moves you forward

28. Newest song introduced to you this year

29. First song you heard today

30. Last song you heard in the car today

So much for plans…

So much for wanting to post each day! Yesterday afternoon I started to feel crappy, then I started to ache all over, I felt dreadfully tired, drained of all energy, my head started pounding and I just wanted to go to bed and sleep this “sickness” off. I eventually got home and exhausted and if possible, enveloped with even more aches including my toes, a temperature followed by feeling cold I took to the sofa, had a few hot drinks and about 7:30/8pm I took myself off to bed. I tried to read, but alas I had no concentration and couldn’t get comfortable, then I was too hot and so it went.

This morning I woke and the mysterious illness was gone. I admit I had a headache, but that is nothing new, I don’t drink enough water at times, so dehydration is always an issue.

Whatever it was, it has vanished, so back to the original schedule.

Real Satisfaction


This week on The Daily Post our photo challenge was “Satisfaction”, and I think after this little ant has had his fill of the jam I put on the bin for him, he will definitely feel satisfaction. He and his buddies were roaming about across the garden waste bin, obviously looking for something to eat, or to take back to the nest, so back to the kitchen for a blob of jam, and then to my office for my camera to see if I could get a good shot. Since these little creatures move at a hasty speed I took many photos, so good some blurred, but this one for me said satisfaction.

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