New iMac?

I keep looking at getting a new iMac. I a 24-inch Early 2009 iMac, it has done me well, and never let me down, but it is getting slow in its old age, and I can only use El Capitan, as my iMac cannot update to Sierra due to the requirements of the new OS. If I am honest, I am still happy with my current iMac, it does the job, just its 8 years old, and I am yearning for a new swanky machine. Last year I bought myself a new MacBook Pro along with a new iPhone 6S Plus, which in all truths cost a bloody fortune as I decided to go for the upper end of the specifications rather than an entry level machine.

Looking at the new iMac’s (2017) editions they are spec rich, and I would probably have the new one for 8 to 10 years, but the expense really does kill me, not in the fact of affording it, that’s not the problem, it is justifying the expense. As I say, my 2009 iMac is great, in fact, I am using it at the moment to write this whilst streaming Corey Taylors latest Beats 1 show (A series of bleeps) on Apple Music. M keeps taunting me with “So when are you going to stop pretending you have not already decided?”. But in all honesty, I have not decided to buy one, I would love one, and maybe last year, I may have gone mad if they new iMac was out and bought it then, but it wasn’t and I really struggled with the purchase of the iPhone at the same time, so maybe I may not have. All in all, I want one but the justification really is stopping me. I think then should I go for a Mini iMac, which is cool, but then I have to get a monitor for it, which is not a problem as I have seen some very sexy ones, but in the end, I wonder if I am sacrificing quality for the cost.

Question: Do I stick with old faithful?

4 thoughts on “New iMac?

  1. I feel your pain. We have a circa 2008 MacPro. We had it built for my husband to game on so it had the best stuff and extra memory-you know, for 2008. The video card was replaced a year or so ago. We can’t update to Sierra also. We’ve noticed it’s running slower but my husband gave up gaming so I think we can keep going with it for another year or two. We also have an iPad and I have an iPhone 6s. I don’t know if we’ll bother with a desktop computer next time. We might just get a laptop. The only thing I know for sure is we’ll get an Apple product.
    Good luck making your decision:)

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  2. This is a tough question to answer. On the one hand, I’d say if you like your current model and operating system, then keep it…but…on the other hand, if you continue with your current model and OS, you’re only delaying the inevitable, and at some point you can’t really keep your current OS running anymore (we’re a PC family here with the exception of my dad’s iPhone, and usually there comes a point where Microsoft will no longer provide support for a particular version of Windows; I don’t know if Apple works the same way). I think eventually you’re going to have to replace your iMac with a newer model, it’s just a matter of *when* you want to do it: now (when the newest version is available) or later (perhaps when the version you’re looking for is a little cheaper)?

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  3. Thanks guys, you are now pushing me to the new iMac route, but I may hold off for a little while as the new iMac Pro comes out at the end of the year, so that may be something to look at, then if out of the excusable price range I will go for a new iMac 2017.

    I do think the Mini Mac’s are cute though and add to that a 32″ curved screen, then we are cooking with gas

    I know, I am tormenting myself, my browser faves are stacked with ideas, all tormenting me.


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