30 Days of Music

After reading a post on Donna’s site New Life During Midlife I thought I would join in with her month of music fun.

#challenge #music

August music 🎶 Challenge 

30 days of music 🎶 posts


1. Favorite song right now

2. No. 1 song when you were born

3. A song played when you are happy

4. A song played when you are sad

5. A song played when you are angry 

6. A favourite classical song

7. A song that makes you want to fall in love

8. A song from the 70’s

9. A song from the 80’s

10. A song from the 90’s

11. A song from the 00s

12. Favorite song from a cowboy movie

13. Favorite song from a western

14. Favorite song from a TV show

15. Favorite song with a person’s name

16. Song about drugs and alcohol

17. A song with meaning to you

18. Song from artist no longer living

19. A song you would play at your wedding

20. A song you would play at your funeral

21. Song with a colour in title

22. Song with a number in title

23. A summertime song

24. Favorite Rock n Roll artist

25. Favorite Old Country artist

26. Favorite New Country artist

27. A song that moves you forward

28. Newest song introduced to you this year

29. First song you heard today

30. Last song you heard in the car today

6 thoughts on “30 Days of Music

      1. Yeah, but it takes a lot of effort to schedule 30 different posts and getting the URLs for 30 different YouTube videos. And I don’t like to post every day on here because it’s my more serious blog (whereas I use Tumblr for sillier and more informal purposes).

        Tell ya what: for this one I will do a weekly roundup of my picks on here each week this month, with each song selected during that week and I can be a little more detailed about why I picked them. (I’m still in the process of scheduling them on Tumblr, though, but I’m about halfway done.)

        It’s only about 10:30 in the morning over here, so I may have to go and get my morning cup of coffee (I sometimes have up to three cups in a day, depending on my tiredness level and how much I’m in the mood for coffee later in the day; these days I usually average two cups).


      2. Cool, I look forward to seeing your selections.I’m thinking long and hard about what my 30 are but I think I have my selection, apart from the last 2 as I do not know what will be the first and last songs for that day.

        Coffee: I am on my 10th so far, but I drink a lot of espressos, love the stuff, I even have Kopi Luwak, which is the worlds most expensive coffee and is also known as monkey poo coffee, love it.


      3. The last two, I may fib a little bit, as when I’m normally riding in my dad’s truck he doesn’t have music on, but NASCAR Radio instead, so I’m going with the last song I remember hearing in the truck. And the first song I heard today as I woke up will become my Day 29 song.

        I’m a pretty straightforward regular coffee person; I usually brew a cup of vanilla-flavored coffee in the Keurig with a little sugar and creamer. If we had an espresso machine, my dad would probably be wired 24/7. He loves espresso and loves to add espresso shots to iced coffee or frap orders, although he doesn’t get those kind of drinks all that often.


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