30 Days of Music – Day 2

Today’s subject is the song that was number one on the day I was born.  However, due to the crimes of this vile man I will not have mention of him on my site, so, with that, I am using what was number one on the Billboard charts on the day I was born.

Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul & Mary

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Music – Day 2

  1. The man you were referring to is pretty much unknown here in the States, so I had to look him up on Wikipedia, and you were absolutely correct in your choice. The closest thing here I can think of to that is music producer Phil Spector, who was convicted of murder about a decade ago, and now it seems like some of his greatest recordings (“Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Be My Baby”, ” Let It Be”, among many others) and his trademark “Wall of Sound” style are tainted by the fact that he’s been convicted of murder and is now serving what will likely be the rest of his life in prison. He had a Hall of Fame-worthy career as a producer and threw it all away when he shot and killed Lana Clarkson.

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  2. I know of Phil Spector, and although what he did was wrong, I believe anyone is capable of murder, especially given the right circumstances, not that I am condoning his action. However, what this unnamed sick and perverted person did to 20+ girls is beyond comprehension. If I were the judge I would have castrated him and had him imprisoned in a hard labour camp for the rest of his life.


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