Progress, Sweater So Far…

Since the passing of Lilu, I have not been in the mood to knit, so in effect, since my last knitting post update on this sweater, I had not done a single stitch. The last few days I decided to delve back into it, and not before time.

The nights are drawing in and the weather is definitely on the change, Autumn is in full flow and Winter is on the brow and heading this way fast. Friday night I dove back into it and made quite a bit of progress. Later that evening whilst letting Harper out into the garden to do her business I heard Canadian Geese approaching, and by the sound of it, the flock was enormous. After a minute they started flying over the garden and were making the most incredible sound. The sound of geese fills me with sadness as it is a marker for the end of summer and that autumn is truly in flow, but at the same time, it makes me happy to see all these gracious birds heading over to winter at Martin Mere, which is not too far from us. These geese took over 15 minutes to pass over, all the time I stood in the garden looking up smiling, listening, and of cause getting wet as the rain it never stops.

This moment in the garden has spurred me on to finish off my sweater, so the next month I intend to complete it before the cold hits hard.

I have done 54cm of the garment and have 5cm to go until I start the armholes, so with that, the front should be finished quite fast.

The rest it does not really have a pattern, just plain back and arms. I have never had to sew a knitted garment together, so that will be a small challenge, but rest assured, I can sew and have over the years have done lots of sewing both by hand and machine (I have my own sewing machine).

More updates to come as I complete each bit.

9 thoughts on “Progress, Sweater So Far…

  1. I like the cable!

    We haven’t quite gotten into autumn weather yet over here…our local temperature here reads about 90 degrees Fahrenheit right now. ☀️=🔥. Realistically, it probably won’t be until at least the end of the month before we finally get our first cold front of the season, if we’re lucky.


      1. wow 65 is a really warm day here. The other year we had a very cold winter with several feet of snow and -18c (-0.4f), which is the joys of living in far north. We are about 700 miles south of the Arctic circle, so are used to cold lol


      2. Such is life when you live in a subtropical climate. Like it is said in the episode of The Golden Girls where Dorothy and Rose collaborate on writing a song for Miami, “The coldest of winters are warm and divine…” (well, in Miami anyway…I live well over 200 miles north of Miami and have never actually visited there). 🌴🌴☀️🌴🌴


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