Vet Update…

Mazikeen has recovered from her bout of illness.  The vet gave her injections to combat the stomach problems, which turned out to be gastric irritation which had caused thickening of the gut and irritated it.  She also had injections of anti-sickness and antibiotics.  They examined her and did x-rays to make sure she did not have any foreign objects stuck in her tummy, and thankfully for all that she swallows, nothing was trapped.  I picked her up at 4pm and she was really happy to see us, although she was a little dopy due to the anaesthetic, but she soon recovered from that and was running around the house playing with Harper like nothing had happened.

The only thing the vet said to do was to feed her steamed chicken for a day or two as it was easy on the stomach and get her back into eating.  Needless to say, chicken is her favourite food, so she gulped it down every time we fed her (little but often).

Today she jumped out of bed early and has been on the go ever since.  Her only quiet moment was when she came back from the forest after a long walk and slept on the couch beside me for an hour.

Glad she is all better, but at £160 for that one trip, I would hope that she stays well.

10 thoughts on “Vet Update…

  1. I used to do a lot of dog training. Once in awhile there would be some doggie flue or something that passed around through the whole crew, the vet said they have their own strains of stuff like that. Could be picked up at a park, etc., just like people. I always have baby cream of rice in my pantry for just this kind of emergency. I mix it with boiled chicken or turkey, a scrambled egg or some cottage cheese. If it is really bad I get some baby food in those little jars.

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    1. She loves scrambled egg, chicken and cottage cheese so much so she would swipe them off the plate if she had the chance. Will try the baby creamed rice though. As you say they tend to catch doggy sickness from time to time.

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