Bloody Plumbing…

pexels-photo-213162.jpegSo the dishwasher arrived on time on Sunday and the delivery men were fantastic, putting the thing where I needed it to be.

But, and there is always a but, as I have mentioned in the past, the plumbing became a nightmare.  Where the washing machine drains out was not big enough to drain both it and the dishwasher at the same time, so I decided that I would plumb it into the sink outlet.  I discovered that it would not take both after water splashing back up the tube and out onto the floor, much to my chagrin.  I thought about sealing the top tube in as the side tube was attached via an inlet, and it would have worked, but I had to mess about to get the sealed tube attached.  Off to the plumbing merchants to get some supplies only to discover they had given me a wrong size attachment, and I really did not want to drive 10 miles to get it changed, so I improvised and got it all sorted.  Next was under the sink drain to do, and no matter what I could not get the right length of connections, so again had to improvise with a piece of pipe and lots of CT1 silicone glue which eventually sorted the problem, but it took several days to get it all sorted the way I needed it to be.  Today after everything drying I tried it and there was a little bleed of water, so either back to the drawing board.  The problem is my home was built in the 1800’s so nothing is the way it should be.  Alterations by previous owners have proved a bit of a joke, so really, I have to think outside of the box, or rip everything out and start afresh, which would cost silly money and quite a bit of alteration.

Today I finally managed to stop the damn infernal bleed and all seems okay.  We have not been able to use the washing machine for 4 days until I found my solution, however, I am making up for lost time and it has been on for many hours now.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing DIY, but when things go wrong, or become stupidly complicated I start to resent starting it and more often become a bit of a narky sod and start seeing red.  This was one of those times, although I did not get too angry, I was wishing I had never bothered.  The only saving grace that made me smile was the pup decided that she wanted to get into the cupboard and have a rest under the sink, I suppose it was her way of keeping me calm.

The words “Never Again” will be ringing in my ears for some time.

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