Stranger Things…

I know, sounds a little vague, but we discovered Stranger Things last week.  I am not talking odd things going on about the house or indeed the village, god forbid anything exciting would happen here.  I am talking about the TV Show.  Now, I am not usually a fan of this type of series, but, I just cannot get enough, so much so we have binge-watched the first series already, and are about to start the second.

Our discovery was after getting a free month trial of Netflix, but along with Stranger Things, we have also started watching Sense8, Mindhunter, and Altered Carbon.  We were left asking ourselves, how had we not discovered Netflix before.  We have decided to ditch Amazon Prime and replace it with Netflix.  There are more original things to watch and well, lets face it, I am no friend of Amazon as you all will know.


7 thoughts on “Stranger Things…

    1. I like the side of us all having our own “sign in” as M likes things I would rather go through dental surgery than watch, like “The Crown”. However, we do like a lot of things that each other likes too, which is good, or we would never see each other.

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  1. We’ve had Netflix for a few years now. My dad doesn’t watch as many series on there (with the exception of GLOW and I think Iron Fist), as he prefers movies, but I watched the entire Gilmore Girls series on there last year, GLOW, the entire run of Chelsea (my mom loves Chelsea Handler), American Vandal (a satirical spoof of true crime shows), The Keepers (an actual true crime series about the murder of a nun in Baltimore and its connection to the coverup of a sex scandal in the school in which she taught), and I just started watching Everything Sucks (if Stranger Things is a “love note” to the 1980s, Everything Sucks is one to the 1990s, although it doesn’t have the supernatural elements of Stranger Things). The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale just premiered on there as well (I watched his E! show “The Soup” religiously, and it’s similar in spirit to that show, but also includes a lot of international shows as well and is not afraid to poke fun at Netflix).

    I watch way too much Netflix.


    1. We have been watching way too much. I will have a look at Everything Sucks. I do love good movies, but have particular taste where movies are concerned, and I had a 30 minute rule, that is if by 30 mins I am not impressed or do not think too much of it so far it goes off. I cannot stand anything that drags along, even if it has a good ending, I need to be entertained from the start.

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      1. It’s a coming-of-age series set in an Oregon high school in the 1990s, with a lot of the alternative rock and Britpop hits making up the show’s soundtrack.

        The 30-minute rule sounds like a good idea, too. It’s hard for a movie to hold my attention the whole way through unless I *really* want to watch it. Thirty minutes sounds like a good threshold. And if the movie is good from the start, you probably won’t realize that 30 minutes has passed to begin with! 🎥🎞

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