When we were in Rome, we notice that graffiti was quite literally everywhere, but in the UK it isn’t something you tend to come across that often, however, the other month I noticed these two, which had been painted over last year only to reappear the next day.  Where they are is out of the way on an unused part of an industrial estate, and does not get that much viewing, however, I thought I would share these odd bits of writing from someone who considers themselves a philosopher.

3 thoughts on “Graffiti…

  1. I had no idea that you don’t see graffiti much in the UK. The last time I was in Cambridge, I didn’t think to notice, but since I’m not from there, I hadn’t thought about it. In America we have graffiti everywhere. I live in Spain, and graffiti is also ubiquitous here. Now I want to spend some time in the UK again to experience this visual difference of the world.

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  2. The path I walk to school every day has graffiti- I was thinking the other day that I would like it better if it was at least interesting. Right now I just think the people responsible should be made to paint the fences and clean up the trail!

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  3. I had never really thought about graffiti until I was in Rome, and then as it was quite literally everywhere, when we came home I noticed the complete lack of it. These two writings have amused me for some time, hence sharing them, but I have looked high and low and really don’t see any more. I don’t know if I could put it down to respect, lack of expression, or the fact that this so-called free land of ours is quite oppressive, and getting a criminal record for graffiti is the main deterrent. When I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I remember a lot more scrawlings on walls, but the UK was more free and easy back then, as opposed to the dictatorship we endure now.


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