Weight Loss Challenge – End of May Update…

Just over two weeks ago (14th May) I started my challenge, but as with all plans, some things get in the way, this was a public holiday weekend, and for once the sun was out in full force, so much so we have only had rain yesterday, which means we have had 2 weeks of solid sun.  But the holiday weekend we ended up having temperatures of 30c, so the BBQ was in full swing, along with wine and a few beers, oh and some yummy desserts, but I did have salad too ha ha!

  • Start:   14 stone 3 pounds (200lb)
  • Today: 13 stone 6 pounds (188lb)
  • Loss:    11 pounds

I had dropped to 1200 calories, or thereabouts, but lately the past few days I have gone to 1000, and today I have not been hungry at all, and have only had 459.  I have decided that if I am not hungry then why eat and consume calories that I do not need.

I am happy with my efforts so far, but really have to make an effort to rehydrate more.  Today I have only drunk 300ml of water, and I should be aiming at 2.2 litres.  I have achieved it quite a few days, but boy it seems so hard to do, but it is a key to weight loss.

The other thing is that I am going on holiday to Devon next week for 8 days, and I know I will be enjoying the local produce, which includes Devon Cream Tea (Scones with Devonshire clotted cream and preserve), Cornish pasties (a little further to go to the next county), ice cream, fudge and cheese to name a few.  I will also be having lots of seafood as it comes straight from the Atlantic, so watch out all you shellfish, I am coming for you, especially the lobsters.

The drive is going to take about 7 hours to get to North Molton which is on the edge of Exmoor National Park, and as we are taking the dogs with us we will need to stop each hour to let them have a stretch, which means we will be stopping where we can eat and drink, so from next Friday I am going to be a bit of a bad boy, but I will try to reign it in and keep some control, no point letting all this time and effort go to waste is there.  My friend E says that I should just enjoy myself and not worry, but I have to be a little sensible, or it will be like when I came back from Rome, 8lb heavier and I walked each day about 10-15 miles (about 30,000 steps a day for 6 days solid).

Watch this space for my next update…


It was hard not to get caught up in the Royal Wedding.  I had decided that I was not going to watch it as I really was not too bothered about it, but as M was away, he had asked me to record it on 4 different channels.  I had got on with my day and started the recordings at 9am and left them to it as they were running until 3pm.

I went out, got some shopping, and walked the dogs, did the vacuuming and cleaned the windows.  I decided to take a sit down and have a cup of tea, and turned the TV on, and got caught up watching the wedding.  Being a proficient lipreader (I am a little deaf) I found it even more interesting watching what Harry was saying to William, and then the clincher of him saying to Megan “You look amazing!”  It reminded me of the day M and I had our Civil Partnership 10 years ago after.  I thought we should renew our vows next year as we will have been together for 20 years.  It shows how one wedding makes you look at your life and appreciate the person you are with.

bruce.jpgOne of the main highlights for me was Bishop Michael Curry.  I read later that quite a few people on social media were talking about him going on too long etc., and I saw a lot of the congregation sniggering in typical British fashion but I was riveted, I loved what he said, enjoyed his delivery and his all-out passion.  For me, this is how the church should be, rather than our typical cold approach that really makes people leave in droves.  I am not a religious man, never have been and never will be as I do not believe in the dogma and control the church puts on people.  Religion has no consistency and Christianity seems to be a religion about Jesus, and not about the religious teachings of Jesus.  I digress, I thought what he said about love and fire was refreshing.  Then to round off a great sermon we had the amazing Gospel Choir singing “Stand By Me”, making it a fantastic and memorable wedding.  If I was a religious man I would have to go to the Gospel Church.

I look forward to seeing more of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and long may they be happy and not have to live through the indignity that the press put upon Harry’s Mum.


Weight Loss Challenge…

I am a little overweight and keep saying that I am going to diet, and half-heartedly attempt it.  Last week a buddy of mine who is overweight challenged me to do weight loss together and see who does the best.  I love a challenge and when I am competing with others I become quite bloody-minded.  So, the challenge is on, I have been logging everything I eat and drink, and am sticking to about 1200 calories.  I was thinking of going lower as this would have the best result, but I think 1200 is about right as I do not want my body to go into starvation mode.

I have been looking at the 5/2 diet, but the idea of fasting for two days really does not inspire.  This weekend I have been a little naughty, but I am keeping track of my calories and determined to stick to it.

One of the problems I have is that I love my food.  Although I am not a big eater, I do love to eat all the wrong things, like cake, puddings, sweets (candy) and jelly sweets like Haribo.  I also love to drink full-fat milk, and gallons of it by all account.  Milk is my biggest weakness if I am being honest.

M has decided to join in with the weight loss too, so that will be good.  I am just hoping I can drop weight faster than my mate as I would hate to lose the challenge.  My start weight on Monday was 14 stone and 3 pounds (200lb/90.7kg).  At the beginning of the year I was 14 stone 8 pounds, and did a diet and lost a decent amount of weight, but then it went to the wayside, however, I have more reason to do it due to being challenged.  Once I have lost my weight I intend to build some muscle.  I would love to have a six-pack, but not sure I will ever get to that, but as the saying goes ‘Dream Big & Aim High’

I will update here as I journey into my challenge.  My friend J was incredibly overweight, to the point of being clinically obese, and dare I say it dangerously close to having a heart attack.  She has documented her weight loss challenge on Instagram and it is amazing to see the change.  Although I will not be displaying my fat gut for you all, as I don’t want you to feel sick, but I may, if really successful do a before and after pic.

So, here goes…

Hey Up!

As we say up North.  I cannot believe it has been this long since I last blogged, so by this entry, you can rest assured I am not dead.  However, I cannot testify to whether I have been abducted by aliens in the last month,  which would account for the loss of time and absence of my wittering on about this, that and the other.

So, where have I been?  Not far if I am honest.  M went to see his Mum in Ireland for her 80th, so a month ago I dropped him off at the airport.  The service I have to say is brilliant.  I book his ticket and log his assisted needs, take him to the airport and to the special assistance desk and quite literally hand him over.  They check his bags in, take him through security and customs and then to a private lounge and get him food and drink if he wants or needs it.  When the aircraft is ready for passengers, he is wheeled through and put on board via a lift, and seated, they put his overhead baggage in and make sure he is all okay and ready for the trip, then the rest of the passengers get on.  At the other end it is the same, but obviously in reverse.  As I am not there at the other end, he is then handed over to a taxi driver that we have arrangements with to get him to his parents’ house.  All in all the service is brilliant, however, a few years ago we booked with special assistance and it was close to a disaster, as they had left him miles away from the boarding gate with no one about and no information.  Only for him asking a staff member he would have missed the plane as they had forgotten about him and as he was last on the aircraft he felt embarrassed as all the passengers were waiting on him.  Even though it was not his fault, the experience put him off travelling alone.  He hates flying that is why we usually get the ferry and take the car with us when we go to Ireland, but the cost is insane at the moment.  Usually about £400, where his trip on the plane and the taxi costs about £180 return.

So, today I dropped M off again at the airport for his latest trip to Ireland to see his Mum again, and he will be back on Sunday.

The only other thing of any note that I have been up to was going to Delamere Forest with the dogs.  It isn’t on the doorstep so usually about a 90-minute drive to get there if the roads are being good to us.  When we were there they must have been filming something as there were lots of crew vans, lighting, catering and other film type trucks about.  I could not see anything going on apart from the myriad of vehicles.  we went for a walk around the large lake and just enjoyed pottering about for a few hours, then back in the car for the journey home.  Some think we are mad doing a 3-hour drive just to walk the dogs, but the new scenery and places make the walking more enjoyable.  I may take the dogs out tomorrow for a jaunt to somewhere for the day, sitting in the house really does not have any appeal when M is away.  The photo with this post (viewable as the featured image on my post) is of the lake in all its glory, its name is Blakemere Moss.  Lots of birds and wildlife about, and obviously lots of dog walkers, cyclists and joggers.  It is a lovely place.