Heddon Valley & Croyde Bay

Heddon Mouth

Monday we went to Heddon Valley and walked through to Heddon’s Mouth which is a lovely pebble beach that was completely deserted.  Paul said that most people don’t realise it is there and think it is a grassy bank and a National Trust centre along with a pub.

We got there at 8am and walked along winding paths following the flow of the river to the sea where the bay is surrounded by some of Englands highest cliffs.  To say it was beautiful is an underestimation.  The rocks forming the sides of the cliffs were enormous, and only being close to them could you really appreciate the sheer size.  Mazikeen and I went climbing up a few, but they were covered in sea moss and seaweed which made them quite treacherous to be on.  Harper decided to bound over to us and slipped over, then Mazikeen getting excited followed suit.  Both decided they had had enough and gingerly left the rocks to the more stable grounds of the pebble beach, which to us bipeds it was just as treacherous.  Mazikeen took off into the sea having a wild time, and I decided to join her, so trainers, socks and jeans off and in I went, only to realise it was bloody freezing and really hard not to fall on my ass into the sea, so out I went.  Whilst getting dried I looked over to see poor Mazikeen sat on the pebbles shaking with the cold.  I quickly dressed and moved over to where the sun was blazing down and into the warmth.

Heddon Valley

After taking some photos and building pebble towers we left to follow the trail back to the car.  The dogs were both glad of the rest in the car.

Croyde Bay From Baggy Point

Next stop was Croyde Bay and Baggy Point.  Both places I went to when I was a kid and have good memories of.  We walked part way up Baggy Point, but the heat was sweltering so turned back to the car so the dogs could cool down and rest again.  Quick ice cream then we were off again to find a place for lunch.

Lunch was at The Rock Inn.  The food was really nice, although I was torn between having plaice with crayfish or ribs.  I went for ribs, and although it was very nice, I feel I should have gone for the fish.

The Rock Inn

After all that we went back to the cottage for a well-earned rest, and I had a snooze as I was knackered again.

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