Calm Achieved…

Yesterday’s chaos finally came to an end at 6pm when my hire car was delivered.  Not my first choice but I needed a large car, and this is what I got.  A Vauxhall Zafira Tourer SRI Turbo 7 Seater.  Enough room for us and the dogs and everything else we have with us when out and about, usually dog stuff as they can be high maintenance LOL.  Not the worst car, but it’s not my lovely X-Trail.  Drives well, and is very nippy, but that could be due to it being petrol and having a turbo.  My X-Trail is black and inside is all black and chrome and privacy glass and tinted front screen, so inside it is quite calm and low light, but the hire car has standard glass, and there’s bloody tones of the stuff.  My car has a double privacy glass retractable roof, and the hire one does not, and it still streams in more light than the sun can pump out.  One thing I cant get used to is the missing items I have use of every day like rain detection windscreen wipers, automatic light, touch button parking brake which disables when I go to pull away, the hire car is manual lights (when I eventually found them) manual windscreen wipers whos controls are backwards to all other cars, and a handbrake that I keep forgetting is there when I get in and go to pull away and the car does not move.  I am nitpicking really as it will get us all from A to B and I should only have it for a week or two.  I just miss the comfort and lazy modern man’s tech and gadgets I have in my car.

However, above all, yesterday is now in the distant past and all the car troubles can now stay there, in the past.

9 thoughts on “Calm Achieved…

  1. I find it takes me weeks to get used to driving a different car. Mine I’ve had just over three years and I have it all the way I want it. No one else gets to drive it (except the repair shop and they only move the seat) because if they change my settings it takes weeks again to get everything the way I like it.
    I hope you get your car back quicker than you expect:)

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  2. It’s so easy to get used to all those creature comforts isn’t it?!?! I recently had a chance to go back to my favorite vehicle thus far, but it was a base model and I have so many luxuries in my new vehicle, that I just couldn’t do it!

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    1. It can be hellish when you lose some features. Today I have been looking at new vehicles that I like, but I am not going to order anything yet. My car is only 17 months old, but I thought I would make a list of them.

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  3. I hadn’t talked about it over on my blog, but my dad is going through something similar right now! Although his situation is not due to vandalism, but rather a faulty cylinder in his engine. He had to take his Jeep Grand Cherokee to the shop a couple of weeks ago because his “Check Engine” light came on and his fault code reader indicated a faulty cylinder that was misfiring. His Jeep was covered under some sort of warranty, so even though he didn’t buy his Jeep from the dealership that he took it to for repair, they still took it in. They ended up giving him a loaner car to drive (not a rental), but he almost immediately regretted taking the loaner car from the dealership because the loaner (a Dodge SUV, not sure of the model) just does not drive as smoothly as his Jeep and he misses his gadgets and perks of driving his Jeep (including his sunroof, which he asked them to try and fix the fabric covering that because it was becoming loose; his is a 2014 model year, so it’s not brand new). He kept saying to himself that he should’ve just rented a car instead of taking the loaner! 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s been a couple of weeks now, but hopefully he’s close to getting his Jeep back in the next few days. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻.

    I hope the repairs on your car are quick yet properly done! (Because we want to be able to have lemonade in the end, not a lemon 🍋.)

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    1. Sounds like your Dad is quite like me for the gadgets and comforts. It amazes me the time it can take for repairs to be done on cars that are either newish or like your Dads Jeep about 4 years old. Not like they have to search the globe for a part, these are commercial vehicles that are still being manufactured. Hope he gets his back soon too.

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