The Beast is Back…

I took delivery of my car yesterday, and not before time.  Just a week of not having it, and I did miss it.  The hire company Europcar were a right pain in the arse if I am honest.  My car was delivered to work, so as my insurance only covers me for my car, or a hire car whilst mine is being repaired then I could not legally drive both.  I called the hire company at 10:15 when the repair centre called to say that they had completed all the works including a full valet.  They said they were just carrying out a few last tests to ensure it is 100% safe they would deliver it on a transporter and should be with me in the next two hours.  My car arrived just after noon and I parked it up and transferred the dog’s bed and their water etc from the hire car.

2pm arrived and I had not heard from the hire company so I called them only to be told that they were sorting it out and would be there soon to collect it.  4pm arrives and nothing, so I called again and was told they were having trouble getting to me and may have to do it today.  I explained that the industrial area that I was in that day may not be safe for the car to be left, in all honesty, I could just drive it down the road to where the houses are and it would be okay there, but I decided that they had had enough time, so screw them.  I could also have left it in the compound, however, my friend who owns it said that it would be entirely on the heads of the hire company and not her.  They declined and said they would come back to me and asked if the car was at my home address.  This was now growing tiresome as I knew they were just fobbing me off, and using any excuse.  I told them that I had already given them the details at 10:15, and could play back the recording if they wanted.  4:50 pl came and no call, so again I called and told them that they either get it collected this evening, or it stays on the street as I have off-hired it and it was no longer my concern.  With a huff and puff he decided that he would come and collect it himself after he finishes work at 6pm, so I knew he would not be there till 7pm.  I told him I was going home and he was to call me 30 mins before he got there and I would drive back over with the keys as I had no intention of hanging about.

7:15 he arrived and took the keys and with a rather pissed off tone in his voice said thanks and off I went laughing to myself at his bad attitude.

6 thoughts on “The Beast is Back…

  1. Aww man…my dad’s still got the loaner (the olive green Dodge). He’s just started a week-long vacation from work (he gets three weeks paid vacation a year, so he usually takes a week off three times a year to kinda recharge…well, as much as he can for one whose sleep cycle has been heavily affected by working the night shift…and get projects done).

    Here’s to hoping he gets his Jeep back while he’s on vacation…but I’m not gonna hold my breath for it.

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      1. There is no federal law in the United States that requires employers to grant paid vacation or annual leave. And most states, including Florida, don’t require private sector businesses to provide paid vacation leave under state law. It really depends on the employer. Thankfully, my dad works at one of the theme parks in the Orlando area, which makes enough money to be able to provide a little better for its employees than most other businesses in the area. The way it works at his employer, the longer you work there, the more vacation time you get per year. He’s worked there about 11 years or so, and has been able to go from the standard two weeks (I think that’s the average at most employers in the U.S., although some smaller businesses only grant around ten days paid vacation leave) to three weeks per year. If he works there even longer, he could get up to four weeks paid vacation leave per year, but I’m not sure what the threshold is. His employer is also well-off enough that they’re able to provide a pretty good healthcare plan for its employees and their spouses compared to other employer-offered healthcare plans. It’s been a godsend in the last few years because it allows us to get certain medication that my mom needs at a more affordable price compared to what it would be for someone who’s uninsured. It kinda sucks how the American healthcare system is set up compared to yours.

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      2. Healthcare defo sucks in comparison with here, as we pay National Insurance in each pay cheque, that goes towards healthcare, and we get better holidays too, 28 days/5.6 weeks paid by law within the whole of the UK. Obviously it is pro-rata, so if you only work 3 days a week, then you get 5.6*3=16.8 days.


  2. How annoying! I’m beginning to notice a trend with companies that call themselves Euro-something. I’ve always had problems with Europcar and dozens of other companies with “Euro” at the beginning. It almost sounds like the beginning of a cliché off-color joke about “The Continent” on Are you Being Served? or something.

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