Summer Knitting…

So, here we are in the middle of summer, and soaring temperatures that are a little too much for us British.  Not complaining, as I would rather have hot than cold.  Anyway, I digress, “yet again” I hear you all say rolling your eyes.

Because of the heat and not being able to take the dogs out all the time I have become a little bored with day to day life and feel I need to do something to keep myself entertained whilst the pooches snooze in front of the fans.  I thought about doing some educational courses, but then I am not sure if that is what I really want to do, and if so, which of the thousands of courses do I go for.  I then thought I would concentrate on my reading and read more, but I get so comfortable I start to fall asleep, and it is not conducive to read with blaring lights and other stimuli so I don’t sleep, again!

Yesterday I printed out the Great American Afghan and thought to hell with it and I would start that, but then I thought I need to think about the yarn I want to use and what colourways I fancy.  But with all that comes the cost, which seems to mount up each time I find a yarn I love.  Also doing a large project like a blanket in this heat could be a a bit much, but it is a passion I have with large projects.  I think I want and need to do some knitting, but really do not know what the hell to do.  Over the last few years, well, three to be exact I had collected a knitting magazine (120 issues) which gave away yarn each issue and a pattern and I thought should I do them, but again, I cannot decide.  The yarn is acrylic, which is okay, but I prefer to use wool, alpaca etc as it is nice to work with, so back to square one.

I need inspiration from somewhere, or someone…

18 thoughts on “Summer Knitting…

  1. You can definitely yarn shop! I like yarnandpencil’s idea. As a matter of fact, nothing is as nice as to spend a summah day at home checking out the sales at the online yarn shops. It’s very satisfying. Drops is always a big winner for summer sales at all the online yarn shops. It’s also a great opportunity to buy novelty yarns to stash away. Those go on sale for super cheap this time of year. Nobody ever knows what to do with them, but they eventually come in handy.

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    1. I love yarn shopping, as my 5 x 250 litre stash boxes prove, and they are jammed full of yarn, oh, and the 4 large bags too, oh, and yes, not forgetting the 2 hessian/jute bags full too. lol

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    2. I got rid of my novelty yarns and now I’m kicking myself as they are great for embellishments in junk journaling. Ah, never get rid of anything. A hoarders life is a happy one 😆


      1. A very large rectangle with thick yarn, cables and twist stitches. It’s for my parents and I’ve already had to restart three times so it’s in time out, though I really should get it out as I’m supposed to visit them this summer

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  2. Aargh…knitter’s block! I hate it when that strikes! My closest friends have moved away from my area, so I don’t really do Christmas knitting anymore (my niece is still a little small to really knit for, she’s only 2).

    I’d go for smaller projects this time of year, especially given the heat. For me, that would be scarves, bags/purses/totes, socks, or even a shawl (depending on the yarn and pattern). I haven’t knit a bag in quite a while, but I like knitting them from the bottom up (start with a rectangular base and then pick up stitches around the base and work the rest of the bag in the round), and you can experiment with all sorts of stitch patterns, from cables to lace to slip-stitch patterns to stranded colorwork. You could make a market bag starting with a square base and work a sort of mesh lace pattern in the round for the body. Socks are also a great summer knit because of the portability and the relatively small amount of yarn it uses compared to an afghan. You could even knit a giant sock with either color blocks or colorwork and use it as a Christmas stocking. Remember, I’m a Snowless Knitter for a reason: I’m very familiar with warm weather knitting.

    If the afghan is not in the cards for you right now, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a yarn and project that calls out to you. Even if you find a yarn you really want to work with without a project in mind, you can always look up the yarn itself on Ravelry and see if there are any pattern ideas on the yarn’s database entry. Best of luck in breaking your knitter’s block!

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    1. I like the idea of a giant sock. I do love making socks, and I have so much sock yarn I bought in Amsterdam at Stephen & Penelope. I think I will do socks. I have some really funky patterns to look at now.

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