Catch up Sunday…

Sundays have always been a bit of a catchup day for me, but lately, I have not got round to catching up with anything, especially blogs and emails.  I have over 2000 emails to go through and I am sure thousands of posts that you lot have been writing over the last few months.

So, today, I am getting out my virtual time machine and going back and reading what has been produced in the past and trying in earnest to read it all, well, the blogs at least, most of the emails I see I tend to hit the delete key and move on to something important, or something that is relevant to me, rather than all the sale (except yarn) emails, and other crap, especially from Amazon, who think that I need products relating to things I have looked at, but tell me, how is a ladies training shoe any connection of a hive light bulb, or a paddling pool to knitting needles?

So, here I am, in the garden, listening to the birds and I think a neighbour eating breakfast in the background, coffee in hand, MacBook on the table, let the reading begin, and distractions abate, after a bacon sandwich that is, oh, and another coffee, then I will begin, honest…

6 thoughts on “Catch up Sunday…

  1. Reminds me of when I had to sift through all the emails that came in during my hiatus last year. Well, when I connected the iPad to my email, not only did it download the new emails, but also all the other emails that had been sent to my account (because my old device’s email program had no way of permanently deleting them). It took me hours to sift through about 700+ emails.

    Ladies’ training shoes and hive light bulbs? How did the algorithm associate those two together? It’s like a website saying, “Because you looked at car washing fluid, you may be interested in buy ladies’ sanitary napkins.” Huh? 🤔

    The Internet is a strange place.

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