Goodbye FaceBook…

I had grown tied of Facebook some time ago, but kept it open due to the dog training as they only communicated via that and posted the classes and so called homework on it.  So, as we no longer go to the training classes I decided to get rid of my account.  I joined 12 years ago, and at the time I thought it was a great thing, however, over the years I have grown tied of it and with the data handling and general BS all over it I decided, enough was enough.  Yesterday I dowloaded all 3558 photographs I had on it, and pressed the delete button, with no regrets.

Today I imported all the images into my iMac’s iPhoto, and it was nice seeing all the things I had done over the 12 years, and especially seeing photos of Lilu, from when she was young back in 2006 up to a few days before she passed away.  Some of the photos I did not remember, so made me smile, and others that are very close to my heart.  One of them I have added to this post from back in 2006.  I have far to many ones that I am fond of, but this is one of my all time favourite photographs, so I hope you like it too.

11 thoughts on “Goodbye FaceBook…

  1. I love that photograph and it has made me well up……they are so precious in our lives. I also find it it so enlightening to hear of your farewell to Facebook, and almost unbelievable because I am in the very process of cancelling mine as well. It is good to declutter isn’t it!

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    1. It is quite liberating to have a clear out, especially toxic things like FaceBook. Glad you like the photo of my precious girl. When I was looking at it whilst writing my post the flood of emotions hit hard. She will have been gone a year on 25th September. She was very photogenic.

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  2. I haven’t opened Facebook in a couple of months. I need for the message app, but yeah… what soul sucking thing it has turned into. I started using it before it was even heard of. The good old days, when Facebook was just telling other people your status. Originally, it was marketed as a way to stay in touch with people who were actually geographically near you, like at work or school. Then it became this thing that it is now. I’d love to delete mine, but it’s the best way to do internet calls with the USA with family for now.

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    1. I use WhatsApp for that type of call. On saying that when I was in Italy and The Netherlands calls to the U.K. were free on my contract. I think for £5 I can do international calls for free too.

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      1. I wish I could do that! Unfortunately, Whatsapp does not do transatlantic communications yet. Once it does, you know what will happen to my FB!

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  3. I left Facebook nearly 3 years ago now, and honestly, it was one of the best things I could have done for myself! I did not realize, when I was knee deep in the mire of it, just how much it burdened me. I spend far less time online than I did a few years ago – in fact, I have so many hobbies and loves, I don’t even know how I jammed in so much screen time (but what I really think happened was I wasn’t enjoying my hobbies as much). I’m no longer bogged down by the negativity of others or the gossip, and it’s been life changing! I noticed any time I would post something positive (ex: I became a notary public, I finished this run, I’m doing this project) someone would always need to bring me down. It’s a shame because I do believe it was developed with the best of intentions.

    Also, Lilu is a beauty! I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a few pets last summer, and that is what got me started on my pet photo album of pets from all around the world. It brings me so much happiness to look at. I hope you have something (and if not, find something) to help ease your pain with this loss. ❤

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    1. I hadn’t really used FB for a while. The negativity on the platform is toxic. FB is now like a cancer that is all consuming and the only way to stop it’s toxic encroachment is to cut it out. Glad I did really. I much prefer my blog and Instagram, both totally controlled and no aspirin required. I’d joined groups in the past on FB and as you say someone will always be negative and try to bring you down, even one of the knitting groups as toxic, because I’m self taught and was in all honesty more advanced than most there Jibes were thrown about like cheap confetti, so I left them to it. The same with a photo group that my so called mate asked me to join. A comp running a month had a different theme each day, so I did what they required and my mate who had just started this hobby decided to criticise my work. I’d pointed out I’ve worked in this sphere, had published photographs in books and covers and done work for the BBC and had 32 years experience he still thought he was an expert, he then decided to attack others too who where semi professional photographers. It all got a little dirty as with most things on FB, so again I was disappointed. The worst thing was he was working with the company who promoted and run the competition and under the rules was not able to enter and managed to win second place. That was the straw that broke my back and I stopped using it from that point on.


      1. FYI: I started knitting this weekend!!!!! I’m super far from making anything, but I’m pumped that I’m learning / practicing. If YOU are self taught, it gives me hope that I will one day be able to knit that unicorn! One day.

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      2. It is all in the trying, and I have practiced quite a lot, and screwed things up, but then I learned to knit backwards, so could correct things. Good luck, and I expect to see the first unicorn by Christmas HA HA


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