Jumping Waterfalls…

From time to time I feel the need to have a clearout, this also includes my beloved iMac.  Today was a bit of a slow day, and that slowness was reflected in my computer.  It felt sluggish, and every time I went to Amazon the screen would lock up and I would have to switch off via the power and start up again.  I thought it may be chrome screwing things up, therefore uninstalled it, and installed a fresh download.  However, this was not the solution.  Chrome and Safari had also been partial loading sites, especially WordPress, and what was on screen seemed to be missing frames and general formatting.

Enough was enough.  I have 5 drives attached to my iMac, music, current photography, archive photography, expansion (documentation etc) and of course, the time machine.  With all these drives and an automated back up all I needed to do was a restart with a few buttons pressed and the process of formatting and reinstallation would begin.

Needless to say, I am back up and running, and my machine is running at top speed now.  Just an hour out of my time, I say an hour, but the machine did all the work, all I had to do was put in my passwords, and boom! it was done.

I am at a loss as to what the problem was as I use a program to clear memory, check for malware and viruses, and boost the running.  Apart from tracker cookies, nothing was ever found.  My iMac is early 2009, so maybe it’s an age thing?

4 thoughts on “Jumping Waterfalls…

  1. I just had to clear out some stuff from my iCloud last night! I got an email that I had 25% of my free space left, so I went to Google and ended up turning off the backup from apps I don’t use, and then decided to add Google Photos (which allows anyone with a Google account to store unlimited photos in its cloud for free) to the iPad so that my photos wouldn’t take up so much room in the iCloud (I switched to a Gmail address last month because we changed internet providers and I didn’t want to have to keep changing my email every time we change providers, so I just had to tap to sign in once I got the Photos app). Once my photos and videos were all backed up to Google Photos, I turned off the iCloud backup for my photos, and once all that data was cleared out, I went from having over 3 GB used to under 1 GB! I feel kinda proud of myself; this is something I would normally ask my dad the techie to do. Hopefully this stops eating up my cloud storage. 😅

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    1. I have a 200 gig icloud account, but I do let google back up photos too, may as well have two places for safety. I only pay £2.49 a month for my 200g. I have half of it full though, and that does not include all my photos as they extend to 1T so far lol

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  2. I also recently bought ebooks for the first time! I talked a bit about it in one of my recent posts, but I’ve been rewatching a show I used to watch as a teenager called “The Tribe” (a teenage sci-fi soap opera that is about teenagers fending for themselves after a mysterious virus kills all the adults; it’s equal parts “Mad Max”, “Lord of the Flies”, and “Gangs of New York” with elements of the soap opera genre thrown in). I’m halfway through series 1 (of five). I bought an Apple gift card with some extra money I had on hand when I went to the grocery store last week, and then I redeemed it and used it to buy two ebooks that are follow up novels to the show that essentially serve as a series 6 (since the final episode kinda ended on a cliffhanger). The books were authorized by the show’s creator and are considered canon. I still have enough credit left over to get “Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut if I want to, but I’m holding off on any more purchases for now. The books I got aren’t likely widely available in the States anyway, as “The Tribe” is such a niche fandom here to begin with. The two I bought I will begin reading after I finish series 5. But for now, it’s “Lord of the Flies”! I’m already into Chapter 2.


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