Boking Day

So it is here, the day of madness in the sales, people scrambling to get a bargain, but not us. We never do the sales, and in all honesty find the whole thing, like so-called black Friday a waste of time and money. Buying rubbish that we do not want or need. Although I did buy a book from Amazon as I have £100 of vouchers, so that was £4.99 and £2.99 for the Audio side of the book. What book? I hear you ask. It is “Blame it on Bianca Del Rio”. I find her very funny and decided why not go mad and get it.

Apart from walking the dogs twice and driving into town to see the shoppers and look on with righteous condemnation, it was a bit of a lazy day. Tomorrow we are going to the vets for monthly weighing and worming tablets for the dogs, and Friday off to my parents for a few hours.

I have many books on the go, but this evening after a lovely dinner of roast beef, roast potatoes, veg and gravy, oh, and more trifle, I have started “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” by Heather Morris. I did start the ebook from the library but never got past the first chapter, then the copy self-deleted and I could not renew to carry on. Glad I have the book and looking forward to getting into it properly.

Christmas Day

What a long day it is. We got up at 8:30am and put the coffee machine on, we needed it as we were both knackered from broken sleep. The dogs seemed to sense that something was about to go on, so we started giving them their presents. Needless to say, they were very excited. Both taking the gifts and tearing off the paper to reveal the prize inside. One of my friends did not believe that this happened, so I recorded them doing it and sent it to her. She was very surprised. Lilu each year used get excited on Christmas Day and would open the gifts in the same way. We had taught her to do and, so she ended up teaching Harper from when she was a pup, and last year Harper taught Mazikeen. This year Mazikeen watched Harper for a few seconds and then get stuck in herself. She is a clever wee thing and as such does not need to be shown twice.

Dinner was a triumph, even if I say so myself, and there were two best parts, the roast potatoes and of course my trifle, which always will be the top of my list every time, but I do love trifle.

I got lots of lovely things and was spoiled as always, and so I now have lots more books to read in the new year, including books on Michelle Obama, Oliver Reed, Stephen Hawking, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, and many many more. I also got some kitchen gadgets, BBQ sets, beard items etc.

Of course, we have eaten too much and are trying to drink, but struggling to fit anything in, but we will try, or vomit trying ha ha.

I hope you all had a good day.

Christmas Eve

So, here we are, and what a busy day.

I decided to make Christmas tree biscuits as well as my usual homemade stuffing, and most of my trifle with only the cream to whip tomorrow.

My prep is done and the table is set, and M and I are relaxing in front of the TV drinking tea. All the lights are twinkling about the house, over 1000 in the lounge, 240 in the bedroom, hundreds in the kitchen, and the spiral staircase is lit up with 400 of them. Very cosy indeed.

One of the presents I got for M was a signed photo of Linda Carter dressed as Wonder Woman. M loves both the new and old Wonder Woman, but his heart lies with Linda Carter. I was supposed to get a frame for it, but could not find one I liked and I could not get the right size either, so decided that I would give him it tonight. Needless to say, he loved it.

I have been chatting to my friends in Australia who are 11 hours ahead of us, so are already enjoying Christmas Day, and sending photos of their day so far, although they are having the day with 32c heat, we are -2c. Not too sure which I would prefer, I think the cold, as it is more Christmasy, although I would prefer the Christmas of that portrayed by Charles Dickens, lots of snow, and people wishing good health to all. Maybe it is the romantic in me that laments Christmas of the past.

So, with that I will wish you one and all, a Very Merry Christmas.

What’s Going On?

The past month or so I really can not be bothered with anything, and I have no idea way.  Is it because I am inherently lazy?  Is it because of the lack of daylight, cold, rain and general winter blues?  Who knows!  I am in a rut basically.  It feels like the walls to the rut are just too big to get over, and the ones that I can climb are covered with grease and it becomes a pointless task.  Now, do not get me wrong, I am not feeling sorry for myself one bit, I am just in a rut!

I started with a cold about 6 weeks ago, and from there on, which I think is the real problem, is that I feel shitty all the time.  It is like the remnants of the cold are still lingering and zapping my energy, and I am still snotty too, which is a royal pain in the arse.  Indeed I have nothing of real consequence to moan about in all honesty.  After all, I have all of my faculties, limbs, husband and dogs.  I know I am far better off than many, and I just wish I could get out of this rut and be of some real use.  

Apart from reading and making the odd loaf of bread, I have done nothing of interest.  I am behind on my pen friend exchange, and although I have bought them all Christmas cards, they are still sitting on my desk waiting to be written.

Part of me thinks this apathy is just part of the winter blues, especially this time of year, Christmas and all that.  I have never really been a Christmas person.  Partly due to being born on the cusp of Christmas day, no one remembers it, never did even when I was a kid, including my family, but they can remember the birth of a made up person that was born over 200 years ago.  Before any bible thumping starts, there is no solid proof that this guy existed; Fact!  Like being vegan and having to tell everyone, keep your arguments to yourself.  Now, on saying that, not that I want anything from anyone for my Birthday apart from the verbal wishes.  It is just nice to be remembered.

No, I am in a rut and have to get out of it, so here are my words that may be cathartic in moving me on.  Also, I am putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, so that may lift me.  Mazikeen is sitting with me whilst I write this, so maybe the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Go to the light Carol Anne