Here there be cattle

The sand dunes are not too far from our house and are a great place to take the dogs walking. Part of the dunes are fenced off but have access gates so everyone can still use them, 47 gates that we have noted so far. Last September, signs appeared on most of the gates saying that cattle would be roaming free from October to April within the fenced area and that dogs need to be kept on leads at times.

Aerial view of the dunes (ocean south of the photo)

Over the past 6 months, we have walked through the enclosure and never see any cattle. The other side of the village there are the pinewoods that back onto the beach, and these too have cattle in the enclosures, but again, we had never seen them. Lots of cowpats (dung) to suggest they are there though, but no sitings until today that is.

Lesser spotted dune cattle

Harper seemed quite interested in watching them quietly, but Mazikeen must have thought they were a threat and decided to bark at them, much to the amusement of the cattle who just looked at her and carried on chewing. They are set to leave the enclosure at the end of the month, no idea where they will be going. The same happens at the fields by the woods with the sheep, they graze there for only 6 months before being moved on. Hopefully, we will see them a few more times before they go.