Winter Blues

I love snow, don’t mind the cold, but boy, it depresses me quite a bit. I’m trying to be positive, but it’s heard as fuck! Yes, I swore, get over it.  There seems to be so little sunlight in this part of the world at this time of year, and I love my sun, and I know this is a main part of it, but there is so much pressure too to add to it all.  I do wish I was a proper bear that could go and hibernate over this time of year.

My birthday is coming up and that has been a bone of contention all my life as near all forget it because it’s Christmas.  No one wants to go and party because it’s Christmas and they are busy.  So I’m used to that but it is a blight. As such I no longer advertise it, or bother about it. My hubby does bother and is usually the only one. 

I’m moaning as I’m suffering with the winter blues, so please ignore me, I’ll be right as rain soon enough..

6 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. I’m right with you there with the birthday at Christmas time. Mine is the 19th and while my mother tried to make a big deal of it when I was a child no one does anymore. We should both celebrate our half birthday in June. The weather is better and people are always up for a good time:)
    As for the blues, have you considered a light box? They’re pretty well talked about here as improving your mood during the dark days of winter.

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  2. The lack of light is really bad for me too. Without coffee (strong coffee in the morning) I would not wake up. I had a “daylight lamp”, but since I moved (which happened more than 10 years ago) I don’t know where it is. It used to help me. Maybe I should just buy a new one…

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