First KAL…

My Instagram account is ram-packed with dogs and knitting, and yesterday in the feed there was a post by Fiber Hustle advertising their latest podcast/videocast. Now YouTube is not a place I frequent that much and as for video podcasts, they are a hidden world really. However, for some reason, I felt I needed to watch. Luckily enough we can “throw” videos from youtube to any or our TV’s, which is a little more viewer-friendly than using a phone or tablet. This was the first time I have watched their “show”, and although it is not slick or like some of the ones I have seen in the past I felt I needed to watch it all the way, 1 hour 3 minute. The hosts Aaron & Chip are quite entertaining and you can see they have a passion for their crafts. Aaron announced that he would be doing a KAL, and I thought to myself ‘I’m joining in’.

The pattern is Paris Toujours by Isabell Kraemer which is a really nice Shawl/wrap. I had looked for yarn and found some beautiful ones in merino, but at £15 a skein and it requires 3, I thought better of it and decided to go for a more economical yarn. I doubt it will be an item that I wear, so the cheaper yarn is more favourable. If after I have made it I think I would wear it as a scarf then I will order the expensive yarn and make another one. The project doesn’t start until 18th January, and it finishes on 15th February, M’s Birthday. We are away in Prague from 9th to early hours 12th Feb, and I thought it would be fun to have it finished for the trip and take it with us and do a photoshoot with it which could be fun.

I have bought two different yarns, the first one is Hayfield “Spirit” at £5 a ball, which is a new one for me. I have used Hayfield in the past and it is a nice yarn to work with. This one is 80% Acrylic with 20% wool. Very soft and 345m per 100g ball. The second yarn is 100% Acrylic and is the Woman’s Institute Premium yarn at £1.15 a ball with 250m per 100g ball.

Hayfield Spirit Double Knit Yarn (80% Acrylic 20% Wool)
Woman’s Institue Premium Acrylic Yarn Double Knit
© mariakos – This is a photo of the finished item C/O Ravelry

As can be seen in the last photo (credit Mariakos on Ravelry). It is quite a masculine piece and I am looking forward to wearing mine in Prague.

6 thoughts on “First KAL…

  1. Have fun with it! Given the stitch pattern and color choice, I’d say it’s a great unisex pattern.

    I’ve been working on another Virus Shawl, but I haven’t really been able to write or post about it because it’s for a friend’s mom and she’s on Ravelry and does read my blog. I had already made a shawl (a Doctor Who-themed one) for my friend, but I haven’t been able to send it to her yet because she lives in Georgia. I figured I’d make her mom a shawl, too, and then be able to send both of them up when the opportunity arises.

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    1. We have three tv’s on in the master bedroom, one in the lounge and the other in the kitchen. All have YouTube app, but since we changed out satellite equipment we can throw via that now, the tv in the lounge has a drop in thing, so as long as you are on the same wifi network anyone can drop stuff to it.


  2. I totally agree with Crystal! We also have a Samsung Smart TV, and I just love the YouTube App. I like to “hear” documentations, interesting talk shows (there not many of them) or music videos while I’m knitting.

    The shawl looks beautiful, I’m curious to see photos of your progress.

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