So, I renewed my service with WordPress for another year. So, I am sure you are all relieved that my mentally ill ramblings will continue.

I was thinking of scaling the cost back down as £84 is a bit much, but forgot to click the switch to stop the auto renewal, so here we are. I could have paid, if I had flicked the switch just £36 as I have not got to the level of used space that that caters for. I was also toying with setting up my own server space and installing WordPress, which probably would have been cheaper and transfer my domain to that, but, this is all mute as I didn’t, so I can’t. Maybe in 2021 I will do that, and in turn have more control of the pack end of WordPress.

Oh well!

4 thoughts on “Renewed…

    1. It has more space, and is good if you want to post videos, and the themes are free. It just depends what you want. I am a little bit of a control freak, so really want the full access part, but it is very high prices, especially since this is a blog. Self hosting you get better control, but not everyone is good with the back end of things and changing the install bit which is the bit I love tinkering with. If you are running out of space then go for it.


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