Panic on the street of London…

Now, I will preface this post that I understand that many people have died due to the coronavirus outbreak about the planet.  That aside, I have never seen so many bloody idiots about reacting to the news.  I have witnessed people stealing from other people’s trollies, people running about supermarkets like they are on supermarket sweep.  I went into the supermarket this morning to get bananas at 7 am, and the place was rammed full of people panic buying.  Most of the shelves were empty and one woman had a trolly full of toilet roll.  As she went past me I shook my head and muttered “idiot”, she saw me shaking my head and shouted at me, I am a mother, which my reply was “no, you’re an idiot stockpiling”.  I understand people want to have things in, but they forget there are other people about, and what about the elderly who have not been able to get supplies?  I also wanted just one bag of sugar and a carton of orange juice too.  Due to the stripping of the shelves, I was faced with a 5kg bag of sugar which I did not want and a four-pack of orange.  The orange was not a problem, but I was forced into getting this huge bag of sugar, all because of the dickheads acting like it’s the end of the world.

We have not gone mad, and we have enough food in the house for a few weeks, but that is usual, so no stockpiling.  One of the things I noticed was the lack of pet food as people have stripped the shelves of that too.  The big supermarket close to work has no meat, poultry, tinned food, rice, pasta, pet food, frozen chips/fries, cleaning products of any kind, long-life milk, sugar, tea coffee, water, and the list goes on.  My friend who works there said she has never seen so much greed in her life and that people are fighting over things.  However, the supermarket has a big responsibility to stop people doing this by limiting purchases to stop hoarding and madness, but so far nothing has been done and they are letting the raids carry on.

Our government seems to reflect that of the USA, and are doing very little about it all, and their so-called measures are just laughable.  I think our PM watches the great Cheeto and follows his lead, and we all know the Cheeto buries his head in the sand and patronises his nation with instruction to calm down as it’s all fine.

Our latest instructions are that those over the age of 70 and people that are in “risk” groups have to stay in for 12 weeks, and others should not go out, “even for food and essentials”, but, can leave the house “for exercise and, in that case, at a safe distance from others”.  So, they can keep fit, but cannot buy food, in essence, could be the healthiest corpses about.  The blind leading the blind in the UK.

One of the things which are becoming annoying is the lack of information.  We are not getting told any demographics about those that have died, those that are ill, and those that have it and are fine.  The news from the USA is that the average age is 80 and all had underlying health conditions, but we are in the dark here.  Although we live in the country, we have a city 24 miles north, 17 miles south and 40 miles east, the Irish sea to our immediate west (safe zone lol) and all cities have reports of people with the virus, so the circle is slowly closing in.

Where I work we are suppliers of building materials, so are in contact with people all the time.  It is a family business, so we are all involved with every aspect of the company and as such are all in contact with customers, who are in contact with their customers, who are in contact with many others, therefore, we cannot hide from it. The owner is off ill, and now her son seems to be coming down with the same thing, which she said is norovirus as she if vomiting and can’t get off the toilet.

Today more and more people were calling to see if we were open or we had closed due to this virus. A lot of customers visiting were asking the same thing, so I think it will be a short time from now till we have to close for isolation.

Now, on the positive side, I have just taken delivery of 20 balls (4000 meters) of aran yarn to start making The Great American Aran Afghan which will be quite exciting to do. Remember all you who do knit and crochet, this is the time we have been training for all our lives. Isolation and a massive stash of yarn. It’s going to be like the perfect holiday. Needles going, Netflix playing, feet up and tea to keep us going.

Stay safe.

9 thoughts on “Panic on the street of London…

  1. Oh what a breath of fresh air and much needed normality and common sense in your post. Brightened my day and really made me smile. I totally agree with what you’ve said and I too am knitting like I don’t know what. Keep well and safe.

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  2. The running joke stateside has been all about the shortage of toilet paper. Luckily, my shopping habits have been such that we have a decent amount of toilet paper on hand and I will not have to buy it in bulk this weekend like some people seem to be doing. (I also joked on my Twitter feed that this may be the event that finally convinces Americans to start outfitting their toilets with bidets. 😂)

    Being that I’m a home caregiver to my mother, I’m generally isolated from the general public to begin with, but my dad has the biggest risk of bringing anything into the house (and of course, my mother being over 60, having Alzheimer’s, and bedridden would be at the biggest risk of developing complications). I’ve decided to shop at the local Walmart Neighborhood Market instead of the Supercenter for the foreseeable future (which is smaller and usually less crowded, but still has a full selection of groceries) and just in general being aware of my interactions with people and keeping a close watch on both my and my parents’ health.

    A lot of people are being kept home from work and school over here, and the theme park where my dad works is currently closed to guests and most of its employees. However, my dad works the night shift and isn’t in regular contact with park guests (actually, he usually clocks out about an hour before the park opens and only stays late if there’s major maintenance work that needs to be finished or if his bosses are calling a meeting). He went in last night to make sure that prescheduled monthly maintenance at his attraction was completed, but he was one of only three workers to show up in his crew. (Going in for his department is optional during the closure.) The employees at the major theme parks (all of which are closed: Disney, Universal, and Sea World Orlando) will be paid for any work they have to miss during the closure, but not all workers here are that lucky. Paid sick leave is not nationwide here; neither is universal healthcare. My dad has lucked out that he works for a park that is owned by a large corporation and that can afford it. I feel sad for the rank and file workers being affected by this, and there’s just so much uncertainty, not just with the virus, but with how the economy will be affected. This could end up hitting people exceptionally hard.

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  3. I agree with everything you stated. This is bringing out the worst in some. I am focusing on the ones who are rising above the fray. I pray, I knit and I sip bourbon (for medicinal purposes). I hope your bananas did not get bruised!

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  4. I also agree, with all of you!

    Same situation here in Germany, people are just mad about toilet paper and they’re even fighting for it. WTF?! On Monday evening we visited 3 supermarkets, no toilet paper. Tuesday morning, before going to work, I tried 5 (!) shops. My hubby is working from home now so he tried at mid-day. He was lucky, so we should be safe for the next weeks. But whenever I see it in a shop, I would buy a package, just to be safe. It feels weird to think like this, and I’m far from hoarding it. Shops are really empty here, “thanks” to the panic buyers.

    So many people here complained about the behaviour of refugees, and now they come to blows for toilet paper. I only can shake my head all day…

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    1. I took M to the big supermarket today as he wanted to see the carnage, and of course was horrified at the empty shelves, and the people still panic buying and getting more than they should. The supermarkets are supposed to limit people to a max of three items of any one item, but there I saw a woman with 6 large packs of nappies, another with a many items that she had over five of each, and so it went on. It would seem that the rules are being ignored by the shops. This supermarket had quite a bit of stuff in (friend went at 7am on the way to work), but was stripped bare before 9am.

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    2. Most supermarkets here have limits now, too. And a security service to keep everything in order. Security service in supermarkets to protect the toilet paper! I don’t know what to say. I saw 2 guys with (maybe) Turkish origin today. One said to the other: “Look, brother, I think Germans are eating the toilet paper”. I’m afraid he’s right with that.

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