Planet Earth… Closed!

So, how are we all doing out there? I hope that you are all well, and keeping safe in this Stephen King novel we all seem to be part of. Or are we part of a Black Mirror episode?

On Monday night, we were told that we could not go out unless, for essential shopping, medicine and exercise once a day. The company I work for was part of the companies that are able to stay open (construction), but, the owner decided that we would finish on that Tuesday. We came in and finished off what we needed to do and got out products that were needed, I did the month-end accounts and then did out lockdown procedures. However, the next day there was talk about opening up again as construction was still continuing and the government had no intention to stop it. I was chatting to the owner who’s son wanted to open and carry on, but after me telling her of a girl who had just died due to the virus at the age of 21, she decided that it was not going to happen and we would remain closed until the government lifts restrictions. We have all kept in touch via WhatsApp and are checking up on each other. One of the lads who is a driver for us told me yesterday that he thinks his wife has the virus, but from what he said she does not have the symptoms. She is a hypochondriac which does not help, and he seems to believe everything he reads on Facebook. On the last day of work, he told me that over 500 people had died in the UK the night before and argued that it was right. I did point him to the official website tracking the infection and deaths and the conversation was quickly changed. Therefore I am not concerned for them just yet.

I have noticed that the streets are a lot quieter, but from what another workmate tells me when he had to go out that the local town was busting with people going about as though it is a national holiday. Some really do not get it.

I had to go to the shop to get some supplies and although the place had very few people in it, some were not observing the social distancing that is in place, which they are reminded of when entering as there are signs quite literally everywhere. I was rude to a woman who had as much etiquette as a truffle pig, as she was sidling up to people as she was shopping, touching everything including people. She gave me a look that said fuck off, to which I responded with “wanker”. It was all I could do rather than punch her in the face, which I could have done as I was wearing latex gloves. I also noted that the main culprits were old men, I say old, ones in their 60’s. I think if you do not follow the rules and become infected then you do not deserve to be treated in hospital in a live by the sword die by the sword attitude.

We have been out to walk the dogs and get our once a day exercise, but we have been doing this at dawn, no one about and social distancing achieved, but the dogs are not too happy as they are walked a few times a day when I am at home, but I am sure they will get used to it soon enough.

As well as finishing M’s scarf I have frogged 2 projects and am well on my way with another Stephen West blanket “Bit of Iceland”. I have made this before for us and one for M’s mum, but I decided to do another on in colours that would compliment the bedroom. I am enjoying it as it is a large project, and those who know me, know I love big projects.

Yesterday I decided to bake cinnamon swirls as I have 1kg of fresh yeast, although I have frozen most of it.

One final thing I got was the Vogue Knitting book. I kept seeing it, but thought the £35 price tag was a little excessive, however, I found it in my rewards catalogue, therefore cost me nothing. Not expecting it for a few weeks and it arrived on Friday so bonus lockdown reading.

Let me know how you are all doing…

14 thoughts on “Planet Earth… Closed!

  1. Your cinnamon rolls look heavenly:) I can almost smell them. The house always smells so good when there are cinnamon rolls in the oven.
    We are holding up well here. At our house we have mostly isolated ourselves. We do get out for a walk daily and go to the grocery store once a week. There are people not following the social distancing rule and it frustrates me to no end. At least our local news is telling stories of places that have been particularly hard hit (an apartment building of senior citizens had to go on lockdown because 7 were sick and 1 had died). Hopefully people will heed these warnings.
    I hope you and M stay well:)

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  2. A couple of the local counties have started shelter-in-place/stay home orders, but not mine. We have been staying home, though, except for my dad going to drive-thrus and grocery shopping. He was able to find most of our staple goods (although the store he went to, not my usual ones, had limits on how many a customer could buy), but there is still no toilet paper to be found! 😤 The store he went to wasn’t crowded, either, so I think he did okay on the social distancing part. (Watch “social distancing” become 2020’s Word/Phrase of the Year! 😂)

    As for home life, it’s really been business as usual. Not much has changed, other than my dad being home for the next two weeks (he hasn’t been furloughed, like one park has had to do, which would mean he’d go without pay if they did that). Him being home all the time has kinda messed up my sleep cycle. I keep sleeping in until 12:30-1:00 in the afternoon and I don’t like it. I’m used to being awake at about 9 or 10 in the morning.

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      1. My dad actually signed up for two different wholesale retailers in the hopes of being able to order some TP to get delivered to the house. No luck yet, but we still have a few rolls left. It’s been tricky to find fresh *anything*, it seems. Fresh meat has apparently been hard to come by as well.

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      2. But there is a happy ending to this. He decided to get a few groceries today and arrived at the store right as the store was getting a fresh delivery of TP. So, he managed to snag a pack of 36 rolls. Hopefully this will last us a while.

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  3. Is there still a cinnamon roll? I’d love to have one, they look delicious! I love cinnamon.

    Life is quiet here, too. We can still go out, but keep distance. That works quite well now. I like to have time for myself, I’m knitting quite a lot in the moment.

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      1. Yes, they are the ones I sent you by WhatsApp. But the current one grows quite fast, I can send new pictures tomorrow by new daylight.

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  4. Hi Mister Knitter! Typically the chipper one, I am finding myself with tears in my eyes as I try to catch up on my blog reading. I went to the market today and there were so many people milling around like it was a regular day. I had my list, my 93 yr old mom’s list and just wanted to get in and get out. Do people really need to languish over the breakfast cereal? I guess I’m not doing ok today. My son who is home with us said I needed my goldie, a thunderstorm and knitting podcasts. I think I just need a nap. Sorry to be sad, but I liked your post and wanted to say hello. Oh, and my favorite oath is f*cktard. Feel free to use it.

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    1. Totally understand your plight when shopping, so many people treating it like it is a normal day, or a day out. Keep your chin up, and remember we are all in this together, so keep chatting.

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