I am in two camps at the moment as to whether to block my work. As posted I am making the Great American Aran Afghan, and although the squares are not too far from each other, they do need a bit of work to get them matching. However, the other part of me thinks that it will be okay as once I have made all the squares and fixed them together and added the outer ridge it will all fall into shape.

I have been looking at blocking mats, and the price difference from one to another is madness, and if I get the “play mats” they are a third of the price, but are they thick enough.

So todays question is: do you block and if so what do you use. Do you use blocking mats, or do you have a cheat that does not cost the earth.

Let me know.

9 thoughts on “Blocking

  1. I don’t block much because most of my yarn stash is acrylic or acrylic blend (cheap but notoriously difficult to block properly), but when I do have a project in need of blocking (usually a shawl, sometimes a sweater), I pin it out over my mattress (with the sheets and blankets removed, and I’ll usually take the opportunity to wash them at this point) with some T-pins. Since it’s usually acrylic blends that I’m blocking, I plug an iron into the media table next to my bed (it’s meant to be a charging station, but I’ve found the outlet works well as a place to plug in an iron and then I just set the iron on top of the table and I go about with the steam blocking). But it does depend on how long you’re willing to give up your mattresses for.

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