Wet Spaniel = Happy Spaniel

Mazikeen is never happier than when she is getting dirty or soaking wet. Whenever we are at the beach she is straight in the sea, even if it’s freezing cold, there is no holding her back.

Harper too lives the water, but only the sea or natural pools and ponds. She isn’t so keen on the paddling pool and will only venture to remove the balls from it or to drink the contents.

4 thoughts on “Wet Spaniel = Happy Spaniel

  1. Too cute. I have a golden retriever. They are meant for the water! My guy likes to go out where it is belly high, and just sits. He really prefers a pond or a lake where I can toss the ball and he swims out to get it. Now that he is a little older, he prefers to go out in a canoe!

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