I keep meaning to…

I sit in the lounge and think I should write about that, then stop myself as my blog is not political at all. Even though the political system in the UK & USA is draining my life-force away at a rate of knots. Both places have idiots in charge, and really no one can deny that at all. Our PM is a blundering buffoon who really has no right being in office. As usual, he is just there to help his mates out and feather his own nest, and as for the impersonations of Churchill, much to the chagrin of the nation he seems to think the whole COVID-19 crisis is his “moment in history”, but history will remember him for the dip-shit he is, a man without a clue, a man that lets his ministers and colleagues break rules and then criticises the general public for breaking the same rules, rules set out by the very person that is breaking them, proving that there is one rule for us and another for the government.

Now, as for the USA, I become more exasperated with POTUS each and every day, from his blatant racial hatred to his denial of doing anything wrong and then quickly trying to change the subject by slagging off anyone that opposes him or slagging off previous presidents and their collective wives. This week also proved again to the world that he is unfit for the job, by posting on twitter hate videos. No, I am not willing to discuss with anyone who is stupid enough to think that he had not listened to the video, of course he did, and he thought nothing of the hate-spewing from the guy’s mouth. Last week stating that if they didn’t test for COVID-19 then the numbers would fall, yes, this is logical as they are not getting recorded, but it would not mean that the populous of the USA would not still be getting it. Talk about deluded and burying your head in the sand. The latest now from the USA is that there are bounties on the U.S. troops paid for by Russia and POTUS and his people knew. Surely this has to be a crime and impeachable? Again, if you support Trump, then move on as I will not give you space or time to argue in his defence as I do not believe in fake news, especially peddled by him and his cronies. Trump will have a legacy of being the worst president ever.

The other thing I was thinking about is the whole pandemic, and again the way it is being handled. The UK & USA have the worst records for COVID-19, and I am not surprised. The people running the countries do not have a clue, and can only think of the economic side of things, regardless of the deaths, spikes, second waves etc. Both countries acted too late and then acted too soon on lifting lockdown measures. We only have to look at other countries to see that catching early and not relaxing lockdown measures too soon worked for them. Although I am not a fan of Nichola Sturgeon aka Janette Kranky, she proved that her way worked and there are been no more deaths in Scotland for quite a few days, proving that Boris was too hasty, and the whole Cummings saga meant that no one here was going to carry on following guidelines. The same goes for the USA, the president badmouths experts, sacks people who know what they are talking about and tries to cover up the problem, and hey presto numbers climb as no one wants to follow rules, and even if they don’t vote for him, quote him and his nonsense in order to break the rules, and want to “get the economy working again”.

Another thing that our government really got wrong is this track and trace app. £12 million spent on it and it does not work on Apple devices, and more over, no one wants to use it. Imagine, you are in the supermarket and have the app tracing you. Someone has COVID-19 and happened to be in the same supermarket at the same time you were, but, in reality, your paths never crossed, and they came in less than a minute after you left, but as far as the app is concerned, you could now be contaminated, therefore you and everyone in the place, including staff have to isolate for 14 days. Wherever that person went that day, all the people that happened to be in the same places and same time also have to isolate, and so it goes on. Patient zero could have left home and gone to the post office, then the supermarket, followed by the garden centre, and maybe chemist as they wanted paracetamol as they had a headache, (not yet knowing yet that they had COVID-19), then after that, maybe a quick trip to the DIY store, followed later by a visit to the take-away. The number of people now having to isolate because of one person is now massive, yet, maybe no one caught if from patient zero and every person was well, had the test and were clear. Each person within the area after crossing paths with patent zero now has their movements logged from point of contact and all those people now have been added to the isolation number, and so on. The number could go from one person to thousands in a day, and as such people have thought about it and are not willing to go through unnecessary quarantine because the app is too overzealous. The other thing people do not like is the idea of being tracked and watched by the government, forgetting that they are traced just by the fact they have their mobile phone on their person.

I am a carer for M, and also work part-time within the construction industry, I have a heart problem and asthma which I was born with. Now, with this information, you would think that due to health conditions I should have been told to isolate for 12 weeks, but I was not. M has quite a lot of problems and has a history of infections, pneumonia and due to low white blood cells does not have a proper defence system against infections of any kind, therefore should have received a letter saying isolate for 12 weeks, but, he did not get one. I know people that have just mild asthma and have received notice to isolate. So again this country was getting it wrong on that level too. I was away from work for two and a half weeks and then we all went back, as construction never stopped officially, this meant that the owners wanted to get back to work. Where we at risk of getting COVID-19 whist at work? Yes, because the people who used our services did not care about rules, and thought they were better than that. I admit that I do not know of anyone that has been infected, but, maybe that is just more luck than anything else. On a positive side, the council sent me a letter of ID as being a carer, I could go about my daily business and if stopped by police, I would only have to show this ID and they would have to let me carry on, and offer assistance if I needed it. Not that I was stopped or required help. I never even used it to go to the supermarket during front-line workers/NHS times as I thought it was wrong of me when I can go other times, even though the ID and letter stated that I could as I was considered front-line.

Other things have been going through my mind over the last weeks and months, but I don’t feel I need to vent here about that, well, not yet anyway.