31 Days of Music – Day 1

I decided a few weeks ago I would share with you some of the great bands and musicians that come from my city of Liverpool and the surrounding area throughout August.

On the August bank holiday weekend in 1992, a music festival began in Liverpool originally called the Mathew Street Festival (aka Beatles weekend), now known as Liverpool International Music Festival, that brought great music and food to all those visiting. I worked in Liverpool for some years and lived there for 3 years before moving north. August was to me, the height of summer fun and music was a big part of it.

So, in light of the reason for my posts, my first offering is The Beatles Eleanor Rigby. A song I have always loved, not just the lyrics, but the haunting melody which opened my ears when young to the Merseybeat. I first heard this whilst watching Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Music – Day 1

  1. My husband and I had a very long conversation about the Beatles on a drive the other day. He recalls ‘the invasion’ and as a musician himself, it is such a great time in music history and in his life personally.

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    1. Looking at footage from the 60’s it did seen like quite an amazing and mad time. I have spent quite some time at the Cavern, however, for those who do not know, the Cavern that we see today is not the real one that the Beatles played in as that no longer exists, and was little further up Matthew Street. PS I am also related to John, he was my fathers second cousin, my godfather was John’s 1st cousin.

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      1. Two of my uncles are pipe organ tuners and one of my cousins Adam also does that too, he is also a very talented pianist. Like me he cannot read music, and we both play by ear, although he has had a piano all his life.

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