Thunderstorm Season

Where we live we tend to miss all the extremes of weather. However, today we are in the centre of it all. I love thunderstorms and this one is a good one. We had about an hour of strobe lightning making us feel we were in a film like Close Encounters or War of the Worlds. This short video was just before the rain started, which became torrential.

Then the rain hit for about half an hour flooding everywhere.

Since then we have returned to strobe lightning and are about an hour in. According to the Met office, we will be having these storms until late Friday. I’m not complaining as I love this weather.

10 thoughts on “Thunderstorm Season

  1. We definitely get the “strobe lightning” around here as well. Sometimes it doesn’t get accompanied by thunder, and as a result we usually call it “heat lightning”, since it usually occurs during very warm nights.

    We actually had a pretty nasty thunderstorm pass through yesterday. It dropped hailstones (maybe nickel to dime sized) and the wind knocked out our power for about an hour. Lots of lightning and thunder nearby as well. Thankfully the power company was able to get it back online relatively quickly.

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  2. We had some rain the day before yesterday. It did not bring any relief, in fact, it made it all even worse.

    I would appreciate a thunderstorm to watch the wild nature and to get some refreshment. It’s much too hot for me!

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    1. It is insanely hot here at the moment, 25c and its 8:17pm, the sky is yellow so the storms are on the way again. Alas the thunderstorms never cleared the air and the heat still persists.


    1. I LOVE snow. I cannot wait for winter so we can go up the mountains where the snow is so deep and lots of fun. I grew up in the middle of the countryside and we got proper snow each year for several months, it was bliss, dare I say it was our salad days.


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