Christmas 2020

I have to say, I really enjoyed Christmas Day. Not only was I spoiled completely by M, but it was a nice easy day, with no stress at all. Even making Christmas dinner went off without any problems, and everything was ready when I aimed for it to be, and needless to say, it was rather delicious.

As mentioned, I was spoiled by M with a Yamaha Electronic Baby Grand. Not only is it a Baby Grand, but it has hundreds of different “voices” (instruments), and it can teach you how to play. I learned by ear when I was a kid, but due to my father being an ass hole I was never able to take it further. My uncle taught me stuff and let me play on his piano. Two of my uncles are pipe organ tuners and restorers. Both of them told my father (their brother) that he should encourage me as I had a talent and that one of them would get a piano for me, but the ass hole said not and that was that. M to the rescue all these years later and I am giving it my best shot. I admit, when I opened it I was shocked and rather intimidated as I knew that I had not played since I was about 14/15, and being 51, that’s a long time, almost biblical. My wrists are aching a little along with my fingers from all the stretching, but at least I am giving it my all. I feel 2021 is going to be a full packed year of piano, crochet and reading.

M bought me lots of books too including The Colour Purple, Malcolm X autobiography, James Baldwins Notes of a Native Son to name a few. I also got a beautiful William Morris tea set, William Morris notebook, oh, also a Vogue Knitting Colour Work Paper book that will enable me to design and plan some Fair Isle projects. I received so much more and will keep the details for another post as and when I get to them. There were so many gifts for each other we all, including the dogs had stockings full of gifts that we kept until Boxing Day, which we have decided will be a tradition from now on.

3 thoughts on “Christmas 2020

  1. I read The Color Purple last year. It was a good book.

    I also see you got The Sirens of Titan in all that Christmas loot. 😳 because I’m on a life mission to read all the Vonneguts…but I do have Player Piano, so I think that may get cracked open at some point in 2021. I’m also thinking of a possible Summer of Steinbeck, reading at least one of his shorter novels and *maybe* finally reading and finishing The Grapes of Wrath, which has been a thorn in my side since high school.

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    1. We have the film of The Colour Purple, but I have never watched, which I am glad about as I now have the book, which I prefer to films. I went to read The Grapes of Wrath when I was at school, which was a long long time ago, but switched to Shakespeare lol

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      1. Most of the people I’ve come across on Bookstagram who’ve read Steinbeck usually prefer East of Eden over The Grapes of Wrath…but yet, “Grapes” is the one they usually end up in teaching in American schools. I have seen the film adaptation of East of Eden (which only covers a small portion of the novel; but it’s the second of James Dean’s movies that I’ve seen, the only one of his tragically short filmography I haven’t seen is “Giant”), but not the one for The Grapes of Wrath…or The Color Purple, for that matter. I’ve got an ebook collection of six of John Steinbeck’s shorter novels, so I might read at least one of the books in that collection before I try to tackle “Grapes” again. I’ve *attempted* to read that one no less than three separate times. I didn’t even finish it when we were studying it in high school!

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