The Elusive Coffee Bar

My quest for a Ninja Coffee Bar is failing. I emailed SharkNinja about it and they told me that they have no plans to release another coffee machine in the UK and that the models CF065 & CF091 are no longer available and that they do not know of any suppliers in the UK that have them in stock still. I have looked and looked, but no one has one. I did find one on eBay, was the winning bid for 2 days, then was outbid with seconds to go. There are others on eBay for sale but they have all used/second hand, which I certainly do not want.

I found a European one on Amazon, but it is a different plug. I know I can get an adapter, but that is not the point, I would rather have a UK version. Also If I order today, I will receive it in June which puts me off too, and add to that I would be listed as the importer by Amazon, which begs the question of import tax, will I be charged for that too by HMRC? or because it is under a certain amount will there be no tax? Part of me wants to get it, but the above has stopped me in my tracks.

Now, I do have a coffee machine, no, let’s get that right, I have many coffee machines. I have a Nespresso machine, a filter machine, an Aeropress, a French Press, a Bialetti stovetop espresso pot, a Dolce Gusto machine, and of course I have a hot water dispenser and a kettle so I can make instant. Yes, I have lots of coffee making possibilities, but I still want the Ninja machine, they look good and have so many functions, unlike a coffee pot that has one job to do.

The search will continue unless I break, then I will have to get the European one from Amazon. If I do, I may have to see if I can remove the EU plug and fit a British one, although that will invalidate the guarantee. I really am running the complete gamut of decisions.

Till next time…

7 thoughts on “The Elusive Coffee Bar

  1. The second pic was the one we had, and the sensor ended up going out on it about 6 months after we got it, which made it an extreme pain to use. You might remember that whole saga. I loved that you could make barista style drinks with it, but in the end the electronics on it just made it more trouble than it was worth. We’ve had our current one (a Brew Express that draws its water directly from the same water line that goes into our fridge) about a year and a half and it works pretty nicely.

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    1. Oooh! good to know and the Brew Express sounds rather good. We don’t have the luxury of waterlines going to fridges as our fridges in the UK are a bit crap and have the function of making things cold, god forbid it has a water dispenser or ice making facilities, I mean, that would make it useful LOL

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      1. It is still very common here the two taps, however in my house we have one tap in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, but the bedrooms all have two each on their basins.

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