Tattoo Complete

Well, as promised, here is the new tattoo. I got it done last Thursday, but have only managed to post it today as I have been busy with work and decorating and more besides. I have booked myself in for 25th January, and with a bit of luck, I may be able to get there in October. Just waiting for Sandra to let me know. She is in north Wales, so it is only a 90 minute drive each way, so not too bad.

It took 7 hours to do with only two 5 minute breaks for coffee and the toilet. The spine was very uncomfortable, but the neck was a killer, however, she had warned me about the neck and that was the last part she did which took an hour in itself. I am very pleased with it and looking forward to adding to it with other sea creatures. If you look at it you will see within the Manta Ray is a smaller one and there are two turtles within too as well as the palm trees.

I have planned for what I will be getting to cover three of my old tattoos which are 30 years old, one of which is ugly, another two you cannot really tell what they are now, and there is another tribal one that I will get her to go over and add to it to look modern.

Full View
Turtle to the side
Airing my fresh tattoo

2 thoughts on “Tattoo Complete

  1. Wow! What a dynamic tatoo!! She did a beautiful job. I love how she incorporated other elements into the larger graphic. My son has a half-sleeve tatoo of a kraken and the detail is stunning. It covers his upper pec, shoulder and continues down his upper arm. The way it shows over the shirt line adds intrigue.

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    1. Glad you liked it. She didn’t design it though, I paid a graphics artist AKV for it who does lots of Polynesian art as I wanted something unique I had the final piece altered a little. Can’t wait for my next one which will be in the same style and I’ve picked a Japanese piece to cover up one of my old tattoos. If I had the money I’d end up with a whole tattoo suit.

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