52 Project

Radcliffe and Marconie on BBC Radio 6 Music before Christmas did a feature on Jo Bell and the 52 Project.  For those who do not know, as I didn’t until hearing the feature, the 52 Project was a genius idea of Jo Bell’s to help people who wanted to write poetry succeed.  She started a blog where, each week she gave prompts, help and advice to those who wanted to write.  No rubbish instructions or half-hearted advice, just help, encouragement and guest poets to get the juices flowing.

Whilst listening to her and the presenters talk with such passion about the project I found myself swept away by it all.  I had written poetry a long time ago, close to 25 years ago.  I want to write both stories and poetry and decided that this could be the encouragement I needed.  I have often woken in the early hours and written pieces in my head, but never committed them to paper.  Why?  Embarrassment and the idea or disturbing my partner or the dogs for that matter, who will immediately want to start playing and pace about waiting for breakfast. This is not a good way to introduce 4 am to anyone.

I am quite impatient, so looked for a Kindle version of the book, alas, it is only in the printed book.  The library didn’t stock it, nor did Waterstones, although they could get it, it would not be in my hands till the new year. Prime membership at the ready for next day delivery, but Amazon do not stock it themselves.  Another bookseller on the site had it at a great price of £8 + delivery, brand new.  I clicked buy now, wanting it before the new year, but surrendering to the fact that delivery could be as late as late as 9th January.  I wanted to start the project in the first week of January and crossed my fingers that it would be here by then.  Christmas Eve the book popped through the letterbox.  My project can begin.

The first prompt, “how to approach a year” with a poem from Lauren Zuniga entitled “Everything is going to be amazing”. Needless to say, I had to read it quite a few times to get all that she was saying.  When doing my degree in English Language and Literature we did a bit of poetry, and that helped, but I find that reading the piece several times in my head, then out loud is the only way I can feel it.  Maybe I am not a poetry person? But I intend to be.

Week one and I have written one called “Hit the ground running”, so far 8 stanzas, but still a work in progress until Friday 8th when the next piece will be started. I keep going back to it and re-reading it and changing bits, but I guess that’s the idea, keep editing till you like what you read, but not to fall into the trap of over editing, and ending up with something sterile and lost to the delete key.