What’s up…

Oh my! Where do I start? I feel as though Christmas was just yesterday and here we are at the end of April. The year really has flown too fast, and I feel that I need to take a moment to stop the world and take stock. I have neglected so much because I have been far too busy. Each weekend I think I will catch up with correspondence, maybe do a bit of knitting etc., but it does not seem to happen. I find other pressing things that need to be attended to from sorting out the garden, decorating, work, and much much more. Today was no different. I woke in the middle of the night with a plan, but, that did not happen and I ended up building two new desks for M and me. M had bought himself a new one as the one he bought earlier in the year just wasn’t working for him, it is a shame as it is a lovely oak writing desk. The new one is more suited for his needs. However, after building it this morning for him I thought it was rather nice and ended up ordering one for myself, and collected it at 4pm when it was in store. Of course, me being impatient, built it and broke down my old desk that is about 15 years old ready for the dump. Between all this, I had to take the dogs walking as much as possible between the monsoon downpours we are experiencing at the moment with storm Hanna.

Next thing I know it is 7pm and I need to make dinner and the day has passed over with no catch up done whatsoever.

My part of the office, and yes you can see Deckard, Office K, Joi, Luv and Niander Wallace from Blade Runner 2049. On the shelf above my iMac is a poster of 2049.

Tomorrow I have to do big water changes and filtration cleaning on all three tanks, so that will be the morning taken up. Dump runs are needed to in order to get rid of my old desk and other bits of accumulated rubbish. Next will be painting the ceiling in the kitchen. I have already done the walls, but the colour (feather pillow) was not what I envisioned and looks white, so I need to get a new colour and redo all the walls. I also have to rub down the cupboards and paint them, and finally replace the worktops and change the lighting to LED. Once done I think I can sit down and catch up, or, at least, that is the plan. Later in the year, I need to sort out the flooring in two of the bedrooms as it needs replacing, and is a job I am not looking forward too. Also the flooring in part of the kitchen behind the units and where the dishwasher is, needs to be replaced too. It seems like we never stop working on the house. I sometimes feel it is like a millstone around our necks, but the house was built in the late 1800s and repairs come with the territory.

My sewing machine as mentioned in a past post is still sitting next to my desk ready for me to service it, but I just have not had time. I have so much Netflix to watch, and far too many books that I have bought this year to read. If I can just stay at home for the next 8 months and concentrate on catching up I will be ready by Christmas to resume a normal life.

I leave you with a tune I love, and it sort of sums up everything for me.

Catch up Sunday…

Sundays have always been a bit of a catchup day for me, but lately, I have not got round to catching up with anything, especially blogs and emails.  I have over 2000 emails to go through and I am sure thousands of posts that you lot have been writing over the last few months.

So, today, I am getting out my virtual time machine and going back and reading what has been produced in the past and trying in earnest to read it all, well, the blogs at least, most of the emails I see I tend to hit the delete key and move on to something important, or something that is relevant to me, rather than all the sale (except yarn) emails, and other crap, especially from Amazon, who think that I need products relating to things I have looked at, but tell me, how is a ladies training shoe any connection of a hive light bulb, or a paddling pool to knitting needles?

So, here I am, in the garden, listening to the birds and I think a neighbour eating breakfast in the background, coffee in hand, MacBook on the table, let the reading begin, and distractions abate, after a bacon sandwich that is, oh, and another coffee, then I will begin, honest…