Head Cold, blaaaaahhhh…

It’s official, I have a head cold. But unlike other colds, for some reason I am not coughing at all, just sneezing so much so I am sure I could blow my shoes off. At first, I thought it could be just allergies in overdrive, especially since I was in and out of the kennels, and add to it pollen, and that could have been the recipe that did it, but, I have taken my allergy tablets, and nothing has changed, and my nose is running like a dripping tap. Because I have this I cannot visit M’s mum at the home as they don’t want colds in there as it tends to kill off some of the weaker elderly residents, so I cannot complain. I am sat in his Dad’s kitchen at the table watching the spitting rain outside, trying to get the dogs to eat their dinners, and not spread my germs everywhere. The dogs are not interested in eating, so I guess if I cannot get that done then the probability of me not spreading my germs will be very doubtful.

I decided to cook for everyone and made cottage pie. I could taste it, but not as much as usual, which is a shame as I love my cooking. Needless to say, it went down well, and clean plates all around.

I had a power nap this afternoon when M was visiting his mum, and I am ready for bed now, but it is only 7:30pm. If I was at home, I would have taken myself off to bed and slept through it all. I am crap as I can’t stand being fussed over when I am ill, big or small conditions, I like to get on with it, and get it over with. Fingers crossed it will be gone tomorrow and I can get back to normal.

Yes, I love Calvin & Hobbes!

Under The Weather

Feeling like crap today as I have developed a cold.  No idea how.  Yesterday I was working outside, but it was warm, and I was only out in it for about 4 hours, so that should not be it.  Lat night my throat started to get sore, and I thought it was due to the dust, however, this morning was a different story.  I felt like shit, headaches that had wracked me through the night, nose running like a tap and a voice that Barry White would be proud of.

In order to get back to being 100% well, I am treating myself with lemsip, cough medicine, red wine, chocolate covered raisins and cake.  I think that with this type of treatment I should de as right as rain in the morning.  Well, that’s what I am hoping for at least.

Minus 2

Minus 2 6:15 am and I’m out walking the dogs.
Minus 2 and I’m not wearing a coat.
Minus 2 but the dogs are happy to be out in the open.
Minus 2 and they are jumping in the mounds of leaves piled up on the pavement.
Minus 2 and they are happy, jolly and having fun.
Minus 2 and I’m shivering and trying to walk fast but the dogs are not interested, the leaves are too much fun.
Minus 2 my hands start hurting as my poor cracked hands crack and split more.
Minus 2 I need warmth.
Minus 2 finally heading home.
Minus 2 and I finally part company. I’d say it was fun, but that would be a lie.
Minus 2 goodbye.