Breakfast In The Regency Period…

It is just after midnight Tuesday, so, technically, its now Wednesday.  Yesterday (Monday) was a busy one.  Up early as the girls insisted I began my list of “Things to do whilst M is away”.  Apart from several walks for the dogs I never stopped.  First was a deep clean of the kitchen.  I knew it needed doing but as our kitchen is so busy as can be seen in the photo (I like busy, but please note, the walls are a light green, not yellow, the photo was taken whilst the sun was out) you tend to miss things.  But with all deep cleaning in a kitchen, all the appliances need to be done, the dishwasher and washing machine are easy, add the product and they do it themselves.  Apart from the detergent draw in the washing machine, which never gets used as the liquid goes in the drum, so I had to do that by hand, and it was disgusting I am ashamed to say.  The cooker I removed all the parts and cleaned each one, and stripped the ovens (two) of everything and cleaned them thoroughly, and having a “Stoves” cooker all the doors have removable glass, so easier to clean.  Every object on shelves and units were removed and cleaned and put back, then the rest of the room was dusted within an inch of its life.

Next, was to shampoo all the carpets.  Luckily I had bought a new carpet cleaner, which is excellent, and one by one each room was done.  The living room carpet, the newest of them had that new carpet smell again, which is quite the sensory drug.

Bathroom next, which was not all that hard as we tend to clean the shower after each use, and always swill the basin out, and the toilet is always clean, so it is an easy room to do.  The biggest thing was polishing the giant mirror, but even that wasn’t hard as again I tend to keep polishing it, as I hate mucky mirrors.

Next job was to tackle the ivy growing around the house, mainly cutting it back from the windows, and trimming around the security lights so no shadows were cast.  As I was in the garden I planted new flowers for the baskets, the summer ones looked worse for wear and being summer plants and flowers do not do well in autumn, now we have cyclamen in them, and I will be doing some troughs to go outside the front gate when more come into season.

Final job of the day was to install a new electrical socket in the hall by the front door so the repeater can connect to the garden gate camera.  I have fitted so many sockets and changed so many from two to three ports over the years I thought I would have finished with this, but no, there is always somewhere else we need another.

Today, Tuesday, Mazikeen had a vet appointment, she goes every month to get weighed and get her worming tablets and a check over.  She is just over a year old and has never had a season, but the nurse said today that she was a little swelled up in various areas, so it looks like she will finally have her first, that is if this is not a phantom season, which can happen.  After that and a long walk with the dogs, I painted the master bedroom, only the first coat, but it was a start.  I was doing the edging and discovered the brushes I had were shit, that’s really the only way I can put it.  Off to the DIY centre to get a good sharp one, and whilst I was there, some magnetic catches for the cupboards and a new electrical socket with USB ports.  Apart from putting up some frames and making myself a curry from scratch, I decided I had had enough, and my lower back, right-hand side, was spasming, which told me to stop.

Tomorrow, Wednesday (which is now today as it is 00:38) I will be finishing off the painting, then starting my knitting again, which is The Great American Aran Afghan.  I had started it the other day, but it is in American English, which is an oxymoron in itself, translating it into correct English is a bit of a bind, to say the least.  For example, it states three ridges, which means knit six rows, so, why not just say knit six rows.  If you were next to me when I sussed out what this meant, you would have heard my eyes rolling never mind seen them with the added slow shake of my head.  I do hate that in English there is so bastardised, and do not get me started on spelling.  Anyway, I digress slightly.  I had started it, but due to this quirk in language the pattern reads wrong, and with wrong the WS rows are not mentioned, so you have to work that one out yourself, which my test showed that you have to to the WS as a reverse of the RS.

That’s the plan anyway, but as with the best-laid plans of mice and men, one can never be sure if it will change.

If you were wondering, yes, it is raining again, battering against the windows in fact.

Bloody Plumbing…

pexels-photo-213162.jpegSo the dishwasher arrived on time on Sunday and the delivery men were fantastic, putting the thing where I needed it to be.

But, and there is always a but, as I have mentioned in the past, the plumbing became a nightmare.  Where the washing machine drains out was not big enough to drain both it and the dishwasher at the same time, so I decided that I would plumb it into the sink outlet.  I discovered that it would not take both after water splashing back up the tube and out onto the floor, much to my chagrin.  I thought about sealing the top tube in as the side tube was attached via an inlet, and it would have worked, but I had to mess about to get the sealed tube attached.  Off to the plumbing merchants to get some supplies only to discover they had given me a wrong size attachment, and I really did not want to drive 10 miles to get it changed, so I improvised and got it all sorted.  Next was under the sink drain to do, and no matter what I could not get the right length of connections, so again had to improvise with a piece of pipe and lots of CT1 silicone glue which eventually sorted the problem, but it took several days to get it all sorted the way I needed it to be.  Today after everything drying I tried it and there was a little bleed of water, so either back to the drawing board.  The problem is my home was built in the 1800’s so nothing is the way it should be.  Alterations by previous owners have proved a bit of a joke, so really, I have to think outside of the box, or rip everything out and start afresh, which would cost silly money and quite a bit of alteration.

Today I finally managed to stop the damn infernal bleed and all seems okay.  We have not been able to use the washing machine for 4 days until I found my solution, however, I am making up for lost time and it has been on for many hours now.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing DIY, but when things go wrong, or become stupidly complicated I start to resent starting it and more often become a bit of a narky sod and start seeing red.  This was one of those times, although I did not get too angry, I was wishing I had never bothered.  The only saving grace that made me smile was the pup decided that she wanted to get into the cupboard and have a rest under the sink, I suppose it was her way of keeping me calm.

The words “Never Again” will be ringing in my ears for some time.