Water Drainage

So, I had a rant about my frigging neighbours and their bad attitude to blocked drains in my post, Bloody Neighbours. Yesterday the waterboard came out and confirmed that our drains do not connect to the neighbours in any way whatsoever. He traced her drains and they go around the outside perimeter of my property. The actual blockage was in the street due to a u-bend that had clogged with fat. There is a takeaway that is connected to that set of drains and they think it is from there that the blockage has been caused.

After the guys inspected the chambers and confirmed where the blockage was it took them all of 2 minutes to jet the u-bend and remove the blockage, and in turn, everything vanished from all drains. The went to P’s house and informed her where her drains went, that they had nothing to do with mine and were not connected and the blockage was in the street and she was wrong to presume it was ours or our fault. Needless to say, she has never come to our door to apologise for her shitty attitude and attempted intrusion via a shitty plumber who could not have done a thing about it.

Last time she had problems I told her that it had nothing to do with us and that her drains do not come through ours, but again being a stubborn old woman who has nothing better to do with her life, tries to cause trouble because she cannot have her own way.

We have lived here for close to 20 years and have always been really nice to our neighbours, helpful, and above all respectful. P has lived here for about 8 years and E 4 years, again I have been nothing but nice, but no more. Why should I if either do not have the decency to act like human beings. Respect works both ways and being shitty doesn’t win awards with me. When I went to P’s door she and her son decided not to answer the door and ignore my knocking. They then closed the blinds and 10 minutes later the son’s car drove off their drive with them in it. It really just goes to show the extent people will go to when they do not get their own way.

It is like living next to the coven of witches from Macbeth at times.

Bloody Neighbours

We have two neighbours to the left of my property that just do my head in, both old women that feel they need to know everything and also demand everything they can of everyone they come across.

Today a workman was at our door demanding access to our garden as a neighbour said that her blocked toilet was due to our drains. M refused access as firstly he did not know who this man was, no ID was offered, he was not wearing a face covering, therefore not Covid safe, secondly, as M has brain function problems as well as mobility problems he is under instructions if I am not there, not to let anyone in unless it is the police, ambulance or fire brigade, and even then ID needs to be shown. He is registered disabled, therefore the council, utilities companies and others who come to our house know the script and are patient with him and follow the rules set down. M refused entry and they guy told him that if he did not let him in the water board would be called and he would be charged. He stood his ground and refused. If the woman who had the problem came to the door with him, then things would have been different, but she didn’t. He was told that I would be home about 5:15 and to come back then, but again he didn’t. I went to the P’s house to tell her that I had called the water board and they were coming out as M has priority access due to being disabled, and remind her that unless my car is in the drive not to send anyone to my house. She knows of M’s problems and the rules I have in place to keep him save. Alas she would not answer the door. I called again an hour later and still no answer, even though their car was in the drive. My final thoughts were screw her.

The other neighbour E has definitely lost the plot, running into her tiny garden shewing the birds and complaining that when she moved in there were no birds in the garden and that she cannot sit in the garden as they are deliberately dive-bombing her, and that the weeds growing in the gutter are causing her garden to get wet when it rains. She complained when she moved in that she did not have a parking space and that I should give her the land at the front that is my property for her to park and I should park on the street. She has abused the staff at a company to the right of us as we have a shared piece of land that divides us all and the owner parks on his land next to the shared bit as she wants to use that to get onto the little strip she has to park on. It is amazing the other things she has done, demanding that her landlord wash her bin as the one that came with her place was dirty, also that she changes her light bulbs as some of hers has gone and therefore she must have fitted faulty ones. The list goes on and on. Her landlord has told her many times that if she is not happy she is happy to terminate the tenancy and she can move out. When she moved in for a week or two she had lots of large men banging on her door and threatening her and her son as it turns out she was forced out her old place and ran up debts and her son phoned all these people and threatened them, but he hid when they were at their door.

E’s son N, I think maybe schizophrenic as he never leaves the house talks to himself whilst he sits on the chair in the garden, wears an old bathrobe never getting dressed and highlights his ensemble with a pair of very dark sunglasses no matter the time of day or night. He sleeps during the day and paces about the house at night. When he is sitting in their garden he is chain-smoking and spitting, and his mother tells me he drinks whisky each night, is paranoid about invaders coming to earth among many other things.

I have ivy growing all up the side and back of my house and the side of mine that is over her garden she instructed me to remove it as she does not like it, and the birds are nesting in it and coming into her garden. Part of the ivy growth I have a massive purple buddleia which is growing out of my garden wall. The wall does not encroach on anyone’s land only my own, and I thought I would cut it down along with trimming all the ivy as it is getting too big. I was up the ladders chopping away and out she comes demanding again that I cut the other side as she does not like it and that my trees stop her seeing into other peoples gardens and that I should also remove my gazebo as she cannot see into my garden! WTF! I told her that I will do that all if her son stops smoking by my windows and stops spitting. Needless to say, that’s not happened.

There is a piece of land at the back of ours which is part of our property and is rented out to the company I mentioned before, but both neighbours decided that they did not like the idea of this. The first woman demanded access as “she needs to get to her property” which is a laugh as it does not touch her property and the other neighbour who likes to start fights decided to rant and rave that more cars will be in there and she does not like the idea of them using it. Again, nothing to do with either of them and not their property, but as old women who have no men in their lives need to interfere in everything around them. Both neighbours have their sons living with them, P’s son is 55 and E’s son is 37.

Anyway, I needed to vent and feel better now, so on with he show. You could not make this up!