Requiem Mass

M’s mum was buried today, and although I was not able to be there with him on this very sad day, I was able to watch the Requiem Mass live as the church broadcast it for those of us who could not be there. It was a lovely service and the priest made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes. M made me very proud of him as he did a reading of the letter from St Paul to the Romans.

M had let the priest know that I would be watching the mass, and welcomed me in name, said that I was M’s spouse and where I was watching from, which was really touching. He spoke about M’s mum and her life from when she was 15 years old right up to her last days with great fondness. He had married M’s brother and knew the family very well. Whilst talking about her, he said that she was someone who did not have hate or intolerance in her, and talked of her support for M when he finally came out, and the hurt and hate he received from the community and family, and that she stood by him. This was quite a nice dig at the rest of the family who is not supportive of him, and as you know from my other posts his family are not all that pleasant, to say the least. Whilst talking to everyone he told M’s sister she was selfish for leaving his mum and going to live in America, it was done in jest, but the message was there. He then said about M’s brother G that he was not the favourite which brought a few giggles as we all knew why. M was her favourite and he was her baby, and although the priest did not say this out loud the message was quite clear.

I wrote to the priest and thanked him for a lovely mass and told him of the joy and sadness that the service brought to me, and that when I met his mum back in 1999 she greeted me with warmth and embraced me as one of her own. I told him of her request that I look after her baby, which I promised I would, and will do to the end of my days and that she knew we were in love even back then. He had told M that next time we are both in Ireland to pop in and have a cup of tea with him as he wanted to meet me and welcome me properly. I told him in my email that I would visit him next time and that we were in the church only last week.


M’s dad’s sister and her family were there who are what we refer to as “the god squad”. She and her family hugged everyone apart from M. Now, I am not a religious person, far from it, and cannot believe that people who are “gods followers” treat him with disdain and ignorance and have the audacity to call themselves Christians, and obviously have not read their bible (Matthew 7:12 – see even I know that), or in truth like most manic Christians pick and choose what they want to follow in order to continue with their uneducated way of life. I could go on, but why waste time on hypocrites.

M’s sister has not bothered speaking to him since he got back which really says a lot about her and today she has been even more narcissistic than ever, trying to make the day about her. M has been sending me videos of the day and this evening and it is cringing to watch, especially now she is as drunk as a lord.