Hospital Visit…

Yesterday I had to go for a gastroscopy, which I have had before, along with a colonoscopy.  I remember the gastroscopy being really unpleasant, however, a lot has happened to my body since the last one.  I have had my face rebuilt many times since I had it smashed in when I was 17, so medical procedures really are a walk in the park after that much plastic surgery, however, today was what I can only describe as frigging horrific.

It is an odd thing of mine, but I do not believe in medication etc., now let me explain as I know some medication you cannot avoid.  Every operation I have ever had, I have refused painkillers.  When I have had my plastic surgery or had my face rebuilt, which included nuts, bolts and inserts I have come out of the operation and when back in my room and the doctors or nurses come over and ask if I want pain relief I have always said no, not that I am a sadist, I just do not believe in me taking them, and I have the mindset of mind over matter, so I don’t take them.  I have tablets for my irregular heartbeat and don’t take them unless I really really need to and as soon as it regulates then stop them.

I went in at 8:30am and had all my records checked and then my obs were done.  At 9am I was taken in, and they sprayed a so-called numbing solution to the back of my throat, told to lie on my side then the camera equipment was shoved in.  Now, the thing I have a problem with is that in 2005 I had an operation that removed my tonsils, adenoids and my uvula, my throat was lasered too, but the downside was that the throat opening is small now, smaller than average and even my GP thinks it is far too small.  However, the surgeon decided that the opening was enough for him to do his work.  From the moment it went it I gagged, wretched, and needless to say, vomited bile and acid for the whole time until it was out again.  One of the nurses kept telling me to keep breathing out and not to hold my breath, which I can assure you I was not doing, vomiting and wretching were overtaking my body and I had no control over that.  Part way through I discovered if I press my tongue on the equipment and pushed it to the left then I stopped the vomiting and could breathe in and out as instructed, but the moment I managed to get myself composed he moved or pulled/pushed it and all was lost and the spasms, wretching and vomiting started all over again.

It seemed like it took forever, and when I did manage to control my body I could see the feed the cameras sent to the monitor of my insides.  He did remove some polyps, and apart from an angry looking inside I had no idea what I was looking at, or if it was the oesophagus, stomach or duodenum.

When it was all over I was relieved and asked if it was better or worse than last time, which I admitted it was better as I controlled it a few times.  But what I did not realise until I sat up, I could feel my eyes swelling, and on leaving the little theatre I went to the bathroom and to my horror could see my whole face had swelled up, my eyes were bloodshot, and my face was blotchy all over from the force and violence of the wretching etc. Today the marks are still there and I presume that I have burst blood vessels.

The surgeon told me that I have Barratt’s oesophagus, gastritis, and my hiatus hernia has got worse, and he could see the medication I had for it was not working and has sent details of what 2 different tablets I have to take to my GP along with gaviscon too.  Turns out the amount of acid my stomach is making is causing gastritis among other things.

So, my lifelong refusal of taking tablets looks like it is about to come to an end as I have to get this condition sorted or I could end with severe problems.  My stomach herniates quite a lot so the medication will stop that from being severe, so I guess that may be worth me taking them

M said that next time I should have sedation and even though the procedure is still very fresh and raw in my head (and my throat) I said I would still do it without just to get it over and done with, and not have to stay in the hospital for more time that I need.

When I left after a cup of water and a cup of tea, that they insist you drink I went to the machine to pay for the carpark and my ticket was not working, so had then to find an attendant.   Eventually, I found a man called John, and after a chat, he gave me a pass to get out of the carpark for free, so that finally made me smile.

Vet Update…

Mazikeen has recovered from her bout of illness.  The vet gave her injections to combat the stomach problems, which turned out to be gastric irritation which had caused thickening of the gut and irritated it.  She also had injections of anti-sickness and antibiotics.  They examined her and did x-rays to make sure she did not have any foreign objects stuck in her tummy, and thankfully for all that she swallows, nothing was trapped.  I picked her up at 4pm and she was really happy to see us, although she was a little dopy due to the anaesthetic, but she soon recovered from that and was running around the house playing with Harper like nothing had happened.

The only thing the vet said to do was to feed her steamed chicken for a day or two as it was easy on the stomach and get her back into eating.  Needless to say, chicken is her favourite food, so she gulped it down every time we fed her (little but often).

Today she jumped out of bed early and has been on the go ever since.  Her only quiet moment was when she came back from the forest after a long walk and slept on the couch beside me for an hour.

Glad she is all better, but at £160 for that one trip, I would hope that she stays well.