Boking Day

So it is here, the day of madness in the sales, people scrambling to get a bargain, but not us. We never do the sales, and in all honesty find the whole thing, like so-called black Friday a waste of time and money. Buying rubbish that we do not want or need. Although I did buy a book from Amazon as I have £100 of vouchers, so that was £4.99 and £2.99 for the Audio side of the book. What book? I hear you ask. It is “Blame it on Bianca Del Rio”. I find her very funny and decided why not go mad and get it.

Apart from walking the dogs twice and driving into town to see the shoppers and look on with righteous condemnation, it was a bit of a lazy day. Tomorrow we are going to the vets for monthly weighing and worming tablets for the dogs, and Friday off to my parents for a few hours.

I have many books on the go, but this evening after a lovely dinner of roast beef, roast potatoes, veg and gravy, oh, and more trifle, I have started “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” by Heather Morris. I did start the ebook from the library but never got past the first chapter, then the copy self-deleted and I could not renew to carry on. Glad I have the book and looking forward to getting into it properly.