It was hard not to get caught up in the Royal Wedding.  I had decided that I was not going to watch it as I really was not too bothered about it, but as M was away, he had asked me to record it on 4 different channels.  I had got on with my day and started the recordings at 9am and left them to it as they were running until 3pm.

I went out, got some shopping, and walked the dogs, did the vacuuming and cleaned the windows.  I decided to take a sit down and have a cup of tea, and turned the TV on, and got caught up watching the wedding.  Being a proficient lipreader (I am a little deaf) I found it even more interesting watching what Harry was saying to William, and then the clincher of him saying to Megan “You look amazing!”  It reminded me of the day M and I had our Civil Partnership 10 years ago after.  I thought we should renew our vows next year as we will have been together for 20 years.  It shows how one wedding makes you look at your life and appreciate the person you are with.

bruce.jpgOne of the main highlights for me was Bishop Michael Curry.  I read later that quite a few people on social media were talking about him going on too long etc., and I saw a lot of the congregation sniggering in typical British fashion but I was riveted, I loved what he said, enjoyed his delivery and his all-out passion.  For me, this is how the church should be, rather than our typical cold approach that really makes people leave in droves.  I am not a religious man, never have been and never will be as I do not believe in the dogma and control the church puts on people.  Religion has no consistency and Christianity seems to be a religion about Jesus, and not about the religious teachings of Jesus.  I digress, I thought what he said about love and fire was refreshing.  Then to round off a great sermon we had the amazing Gospel Choir singing “Stand By Me”, making it a fantastic and memorable wedding.  If I was a religious man I would have to go to the Gospel Church.

I look forward to seeing more of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and long may they be happy and not have to live through the indignity that the press put upon Harry’s Mum.


30 Days of Music – Day 19

A song that I would have played at my wedding, well had our Civil Partnership in 2008, and did not have music as such. We had our ceremony in Liverpool Registry Office, which was very nice, then we had a small reception at PanAm restaurant, lots of champagne and great food, then to one of my local pubs that was built in 1320, and is still going strong, then home that evening.  As for music, there was nothing specific, but if I had to pick a song for my wedding it would be this.

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now